Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dr. Seuss Collection

I created a wish list on Amazon for our baby, of all Dr. Seuss books that we don't yet have (except one), whether they were written under a different pen name or illustrated by someone else or not.

Here's the e-mail I sent out about it:
Hi everyone!

If you haven't already found out, Laura is pregnant with our first child. She is due about the end of May.

When I was a kid, Dr. Seuss books were my favorite, and I've been trying to put together a collection of all his books for our kids. The only problem is there are more than 60 of them.

So I put together this list from Amazon in case any of you would like to purchase a Dr. Seuss book as a gift for our baby. You might want to look at the used copies of the books, as they are much cheaper. They will be mailed to us if you buy them this way. If you don't want to buy a gift that's mailed directly to us, then please don't get a Dr. Seuss book (we don't want repeats).

Best wishes and God bless,

You can see Kelly's entire Wish List at:

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