Thursday, October 04, 2012

A Couple Notes; Call for Reviewers

Just a heads-up: You should be seeing more guest reviews on this blog. I'm trying to schedule them every other day, with my own posts on the other days.

The posts from me are more likely to be of the "metal briefs" variety. There are only so many lengthier reviews you can write of old-school death metal albums (for example) before you run out of creative ways to present the material. I totally get why Cosmo Lee began writing more of the short review lists before calling it a day. I'm not going to quit, by any means, but I get it.

This has been an amazing year for metal, but I'm already looking forward to compiling the end-of-year lists and then taking a couple weeks off to recharge.

I'm also looking for another reviewer or two. Or, maybe you just want to do a one-off. I can get you digital promos in exchange for a review, and you can re-post it elsewhere so long as you wait until after I publish. Most likely the promos will be from smaller labels or independent bands, at least at first. E-mail me (address in sidebar) if you're interested. It would be nice if you could point me to examples of reviews you've written.

If I get enough help, you might see more than one post per day around here.

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