Monday, October 22, 2012

Bädr Vogu: Exitium (2011)

Crusty Doomy Goodness

Guest review by Metallattorney. He is the law.

I will be completely honest up front and say that my experiences with crust are extremely limited. As in virtually non-existent, particularly in its pure form. I have heard a few bands that combined crust with forms of metal such as Gallhammer, but that is about it. Bädr Vogu is a band that combines crust with doom metal, so I am not in completely foreign territory on this release.

The songs seem to alternate a little bit so that I can not really tell if this is a doom metal band with crust punk influences or a crust punk band with doom metal influences. Not that it really matters that much. On some songs, the band is slow with grinding riffs and a definite punk energy shining through, but on others, the music is actually faster but with some heavy, down-tuned riffs. There are a lot of movie samples present as well. The vocals are done in a deep, death/doom style with some occasionally more primal roars.

This was kind of an unusual album for me, but there was a lot to like. It is a very raw sound but I found myself enjoying it more and more with repeated listens.

The Verdict: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Memento Mori

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  1. My favorite thing that I call crust is Axegrinder.

    This record. (Seriously it's like Prog Crust. I'm going to call it "Malignant Crust." It's perfect.)

    I will be checking out this band. Thanks!