Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Weird Dream

I had a really weird dream last night. Maybe it was the pepperoni pizza from Godfather's. Anyway, for the uninitiated (as in not huge Star Wars geeks) Admiral Ackbar is the fishy-looking guy in Return of the Jedi who makes the astute observation that the Empire had set up the rebels for a trap. Here he is in one of the outtakes for that film:

He's a real funny guy.
Anyway, in my dream last night I was at some kind of dinner, and he was no longer Admiral Ackbar, but Reverend Ackbar, and he led the prayer before the meal. Weird. And everyone was talking through his prayer, which pissed me off so I yelled at everyone to shut up . . . in the middle of the prayer. So then everyone was mad at me for interrupting the prayer. All was well, though, because the good pastor came up to me and said he appreciated the sentiment.


  1. Wow.

    Please permit me to interpret. I've read exactly one book (a book by Jung) on dreams and so know nothing about them.

    "Reverend" Ackbar typifies Christ in your dream and those who surround you are the Church, that is, the invisible church, members of all denominations, Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, etc. While he prays, you sense that others are focused on themselves rather than him and this bothers you. Upon chiding them, you are surprised to find that they were paying attention after all, just not the way you were. This symbolizes the various ways, even seemingly irreverant ways, which others work out their faith. But, lo and behold, Christ Himself tells you thanks, keep up the good work. This simply means that even though your way isn't necessarily the only way, it is the right way for you. So keep on keepin' on.

    Your dream probably has nothing to do with any of that, but thanks for letting me play.

  2. That's a good interpretation, quite amusing and wholly viable. Let me give you mine:

    1. A couple months ago I went to a church service at my fiancee's church. They had a guest pastor, who seemed pretty good at what he does. It annoyed me, however, because it seemed that there were a lot of people talking during the sermon and goofing around. I wanted to get up and scream (wow, that's a direct quote from one of Charlie Manson's girls in their Dateline show).

    2. I've seen Return of the Jedi entirely too many times, and the website Fark has many, many Photoshopped images with Admiral Ackbar in them, and I've been spending way too much time looking at them. Fark alone, however, can not account for my perfect memory of the good reverend's voice.

  3. The day after I read your dream account, my pastor was sitting in my living room directly across from me and he was describing to me and my dad the current state of the church, in his view. He was sitting there describing your dream (without me ever mentioning you or your dream at all, of course.) I think I may be wrong on at least one point in my take on your dream; the folks around you were angry at you for disrupting THEM, really, not what Christ was saying. They didn't really give a rip about him. So Christ then says to you, basically, "Do not be swayed by these phonies, stay the course.

    By the way, I FINALLY got you linked to my blog. I apologize for being so slow about it.