Wednesday, February 10, 2016


A reader checked in on me due to the lack of updates around here. This is what I wrote in response.
Hey, thanks for checking in.

When I really ramped up the blog, my job had me assigned to a pretty mind-numbing task. It was a matter of checking a few yes/no things and putting the right information in the computer. That let me focus on the music, and then I could crank out a review over my break. The past few years, I've been on something much more demanding. I've got to read a lot, check a bunch of computer databases, write e-mails, make phone calls, and then make some pretty tough decisions and write out an explanation of everything I did and why I made the decision. The work is a lot more fulfilling, but it doesn't accommodate my old method of blogging. Sometimes I'll look around and realize the album I was listening to has been over for 20 minutes and I've been working in silence. Instead of cranking out 20 cases in an hour, I consider it a pretty good day if I can complete two of them. Many take eight hours of work over several months. That's why the blog has been updated with less and less frequency. I don't think I'm giving the music the thorough listens I used to. And with my life being what it is, work is really the only time to listen to music. Then, and when I'm lifting.

I still plan to write, but it's not easy to keep it up. I need to figure out a new way to approach it. I have been thinking about it, but haven't quite settled on anything just yet.