Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Ukraine's Traffic Cops

This story is interesting. Apparently, Ukraine's traffic police pull people over on a regular basis to get bribes instead of handing out tickets. The mistake one of them made: he pulled over Ukraine's president when he wasn't doing anything wrong.
So, he dissolved the traffic police.
With no cops enforcing the traffic laws, is chaos reigning on the streets and highways of Ukraine? No, not really. Everyone's driving normally.

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  1. The first part: are you referring to my new banner? I just wanted to mix things up a bit.
    As for the second part, I couldn't agree with you more. I just thought the article was interesting.
    Honestly, in the neighborhood where I live, I would be scared to go outside at night if there weren't cops driving by at least every half an hour. Traffic enforcement is just busywork for cops. Their real job is making people safe by simply being present. They do very well at that.