Thursday, May 18, 2006

Wheel of Fortune Theme Weeks

I've been kind of discouraged lately because I haven't had any good ideas for new posts. That is, until now.

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Wheel of Fortune seems of late to be afraid to do just a regular show. They have theme weeks all the time. For example, the current theme is college, so they invite only college students to participate. That's all fine and dandy, but other times they have stupid things like soap opera starts or royal treatment week, or other such bullcrap. So, I got to thinking that I could come up with much better theme weeks for them. Here are my ideas.

Blind Week

Only blind people would be allowed to play, and the letters would be in Braille. The players would have to go down there with Vanna and feel the board. Their guide dogs are allowed to help.

Mullet Week

I think this one pretty much speaks for itself. Possible puzzles:
Category: Before and After / Solution: "Gerber Daisy Duke"
Category: Phrase / Solution: "It's Got a Hemi"

Divorced Couples Week

They work together on it, but in the end the ex-wife gets to keep all the money. Moving on . . . .

Drinking Game Week

During this theme week, contestants will have to take a drink any time they land on a "bankrupt" or "lose a turn" space on the wheel, as well as when they call out an incorrect letter/solution or when another player correctly answers a toss-up question. "Drinking Game Week" will be followed, of course, by "Rehab Week". Possible puzzle:
Category: Phrase / Solution: "You know, you know, hey, you know, are you even listening to me? Seriously, I mean it . . . oh man, I am so sloshed."

Goth Week

The producers will turn the lights down low and Vanna will be dressed all in black with her hair dyed to match. "Gothic" contestants will be invited. Possible puzzle solutions:
Category: Event / Solution: "Cutting Yourself"
Category: Occupation / Solution: "Grave Digger"
Category: Place / Solution: "Outside" (they'll never get that one)

Mentally Retarded Week

This may sound offensive at first, but actually I think it's a good idea. You could make the puzzles a little easier, and it would make them feel good about themselves and give them a chance to win some money.

Coming Out Week

During "Coming Out Week" on Wheel of Fortune, only homosexuals who have not "come out of the closet" will appear on the show. They can tell the whole world their secret. (I have to give complete credit to my wife for this idea.) Possible puzzles:
Category: On the Map / Solution: "Fire Island"
Category: Event / Solution: . . . Well, you can use your imagination here.

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  1. i love this post... especially since my best friend and i have a dream to be on best friends week since the 5th grade. i even have a link to our online petition on my blog...

    course our dream would change if we could score spots on mullet or drinking game week... i think you need to contact pat sajak!