Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Internet Sure Is Faster These Days

I finally got this e-mail that was sent on December 17, 1960 (which, incidentally, was my negative 45th anniversary). I guess back in those days the Internet was a lot slower, and when it has to cross the Pacific Ocean it took even longer. It also appears that the 'net is going to get even faster in the future--I've gotten a lot of e-mails today that won't even be sent until January 18, 2038. Isn't it amazing how much technology can improve in just 78 years!

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  1. Kelly, I received your book of photographs. I am impressed with your book all the way around. I like color, so it should not surprise you to find out that my favorite photographs are:

    1. Sunset with telephone pole
    2. Russell by the window
    3. Inside a tulip
    4. Lilacs
    5. Bromeliad

    Keep using that camera. You are good at it.

    I am also impressed with what was able to provide you in a finished product. I wish I had gone ahead and ordered the hardcover so that I could see what the jacket looks like.

    Thanks for the treat. Your book is destined for a spot in the living room where I place some of our finest books on display.