Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Immigration 101: Introduction

After health care reform, the next major issue our President is expected to tackle is immigration reform.

Everyone has an opinion on this issue, and many people have a very strong opinion about it. However, I long ago realized that most people don't know much, if anything, about our current immigration system. In the interest of educating my fellow Americans and hopefully contributing in my own small way to fostering an informed debate, I hope to explain the basics of our system. I will explore various aspects of the system, including how an alien becomes an immigrant, how they can visit our country, and also explore how they can become citizens (and why many of us are born as citizens). I will do my very best to keep the Immigration 101 series strictly to the facts, without bringing any opinions to the table. After this series, I may discuss opinions.

If you've ever asked "Why don't illegal immigrants just come here the right way?" then be sure to check back tomorrow for an eye-opening discussion.

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