Friday, May 28, 2010

The Search for the Perfect Headphones: Auvio

After returning the Sony noise canceling headphones, I got some Auvio headphones at Radio Shack.

They're not on Amazon, and I can't find them on Radio Shack's site either, so I can't tell you exactly what model they were or find a picture for you. But they cost $40 and have a circum-aural design (they are supposed to go around your ears).

They have good sound, definitely. They are also the best sound-isolating headphones I tried (aside from the oh-so-expensive Bose ones I briefly tried on at Best Buy).

Like many headphones sold as circum-aural, they don't actually go around your ears, though. They cover most of your ears. This, coupled with the fact that they are very heavy and tight, made them extremely uncomfortable. After dozens of little adjustments, I got them into a position where I could wear them about 45 minutes before it got really bad. After a little more than an hour, they started to get a little hot, too.

The cord was also a strange length. It wasn't terribly long, but it was long enough that I had to stuff some of it in my pocket. But it wasn't long enough to use with a stereo, so I have no idea why they made it the length they did.

Also, they were too bulky to comfortably fit around your neck when not in use.

The Verdict: I think for someone who doesn't wear glasses, these might just work. For me, they didn't. I give them 2 out of 5 stars.

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