Friday, June 04, 2010

The Search for the Perfect Headphones: Skullcandy Hesh

Another set of headphones I tried was the $50 Hesh model, by Skullcandy.

Seeing them in the store, I was almost certain that the price tag was based on the nifty skull design rather than the quality of the product. So, I hesitated at first. I went on their web site, and found out they make dozens of different designs, including original designs, pro sports team designs, and band designs--not the least of which is their Metallica headphone design.

I also read reviews of the product because of my trepidation. These reviews generally fell into 2 categories: 1, "I liked them until they broke," and 2, "These are the sickest headphones. I wish I could afford them." I thought I could safely ignore the reviews by the people who haven't tried them. But the people who had said they were nice, but made out of inferior plastic, seemed to be pleased with them.

I thought I could try them out, and just be careful not to break them. So, I got a pair. I took them back later the same day.

They have many distinctions among the headphones I tried: They are the least comfortable (and immediately made my ears hot), they don't have very good sound, and despite being circum-aural they do nothing to block environmental noise. They also feel really cheap, and I don't think anyone could use these on a regular basis without breaking them within a couple months.

The Verdict: The only positive things I can say about them are that they look neat (if you're not embarrassed by it) and the cord is a good length so you don't have to coil it up and stick it in your pocket. These aren't good enough to earn them a star, so I give it 0 out of 5 stars.

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