Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Heavy Metal Frontman Test

I created this test several years ago, and I decided to look it up again. It's kind of fun. I was just starting to get into some more underground kinds of metal at the time I made it, but it's actually very intricate, with 16 possible results based on 4 criteria.

Your result for The Heavy Metal Frontman Test...

Tom Araya

You scored 52 occultism, 21 hedonism, 5 depression, and 43 anger!

You are Tom Araya, frontman of the iconic thrash/speed metal band Slayer. You like to sing about the devil, war, and everything else that's scary in the world, and you sing it to hard and fast music. You are uncompromising in your standards, and that's why people carve your band's name in their arms.

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And here's a similar one somebody else made:

Your result for The What Metal Icon Are You Test...

Mikael Akerfeldt

You scored 69 craziness, 75 heaviness, 69 humbleness, and 67 talent!

You are none other than the frontman for Opeth! Always humble, you never cease to amaze the music world. Whether it's through your brilliant music or vast intelligence, you continue to rise as a star among the Metal world. You realize you don't need a fancy show to sell tickets, and when criticized, you just sit back and let the music speak for itself.

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  1. Interesting test. I took these two. I got Tom Araya on the first one and Peter Tagtren on the second:

    Peter Tagtgren
    You scored 84 craziness, 92 heaviness, 55 humbleness, and 60 talent!

    Mostly known for your work as the frontman in Hypocrisy, you are one of the craziest, heaviest guys in Metal today. You know just how to present a song, and it usually involves lyrics about aliens of some sort. You don't let anyone get in the way when it comes to making some of the most innovative, and loudest, music in the world.