Saturday, January 01, 2011

Motörhead: The Wörld Is Yours (2011)


Let's start the year off right on a review of the new album from the legendary Motörhead.

World Is YoursMotörhead should need no introduction. Lemmy Kilmister's metalpunk band started in 1975, and has never gone more than 4 years without a full-length release (and the only time they waited that long, they put out two live albums in the interim). Their Metal Archives discography dwarfs nearly every other (The Wörld Is Yours is their 21st full length). A pre-release copy was available at the end of 2010, packed in with a special issue of Classic Rock Magazine, and honestly I didn't want to wait another month to get my hands on this.

The band is one of the most consistent and unchanging elements in all of rock music (only AC/DC is as consistent). So a review is hardly necessary. Everything you'd expect is here: the classic Lemmy attitude (irreverent and defiant) and lyrics (from sex to cowboys to religion) as well as the absolutely unique qualities of his voice. Most of it's upbeat, with raunchy guitars, but "Brotherhood of Man" is the token downbeat track they usually include. If it were recorded with vintage equipment, you wouldn't be able to tell this wasn't written 30 years ago. And yet, it's still worth listening to.

The Verdict: It's a testament to the enduring charisma of Mr. Kilmister that he can put out the same record 21 times and still make people care that he's doing it. He has lived the rock and roll dream for longer than many of his fans have been living--the life all his fans have imagined living at some point--and somehow he's still alive. Long live Lemmy. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.


  1. Happy New Year.

    Lemmy is probably one of our last metal ambassadors. Well, it's between he and Rob Halford now. I would say Ozzy, but his output has been pretty pathetic for years.

  2. I like how the Metal Attorneys hang out with each other.

    It's really cool that the magazine came with a copy of the album. I'm looking forward to hearing it. The last one was pretty solid. Lemmy is like the Energizer bunny.