Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Autopsy: Macabre Eternal (2011)


Now that Morbid Angel's massive comeback failure is a matter of public record, everyone should be able to ignore it in favor of more interesting pursuits. It should boost the stock of sound-alikes Abysmal Dawn, labelmates Nader Sadek, and fellow old-schoolers Autopsy.

Macabre EternalCalifornia's greatest death metal treasure came back with a well-received EP last year, making everyone froth at the mouth for the expected fifth full-length. And I can say with certainty that Macabre Eternal does not disappoint. Everything about this is old school, updated. It begins with excellent album art, which could be from 1991 were it less accomplished, and follows through with music that could be from the same year, only with a 2011 production. That is, the good kind, which is clear but not sterile.

You should know what Autopsy sounds like. Chris Reifert's vocals are the same as always, sounding almost like a parody of death growls. The music is the same mid-paced, atmospheric death metal as always, with plenty of great riffs and solos. Really, there's nothing they do wrong.

Maybe you heard that there were some strange things going on, but it's been overblown. Yes, the songs do tend a little longer, mostly in the 4 or 5 minute range instead of the 3 or 4 minute range, but that's not a big deal. Yes, there is an 11 minute song, but it's one of the best on here. And yes, technically, there are female vocals--but that description makes you think Celtic Frost. But she isn't singing. She sounds like she's being tortured, and begs for mercy. Macabre Eternal is still a snuff film. It's just that now, it's in high definition.

The Verdict: Autopsy brings the salvation of the old school where others have failed epically. It's death metal circa 1991, but created with the tools of 2011. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.


  1. I just picked this one up today and really enjoy it. I never really got around to listening to the Morbid Angel debacle, but I am not sorry about that.

  2. I liked this alright, but for some reason I can't quite seem to put a finger on it just doesn't do for me what I'd like an Autopsy release to do.

    Still, it could have been a lot worse.