Sunday, August 28, 2011

Strom: Herz in Fetzen (2011)

Summary Judgment

Someone in the camp of German industrial rockers Strom contacted me about their new EP, Herz in Fetzen. I don't mind saying I'm kind of a sucker for industrial rock with a metallic edge, and a brief sampling of their sound reminded me of Rammstein. I'm not sure whether Rammstein is currently acceptable among the true metal police, but I've always been a fan.

I was on the fence while listening to the full EP. It reminded me just as much of Linkin Park as Rammstein. (LP is firmly in the realm of "stuff I hate".) I was on the fence, that is, until I heard closer "Was Du Fuhlst". Auto-tuned vocals. Ugh. I'm still not prepared to say that auto-tune is always a bad thing, but I've still never heard it in anything I liked.

OK, the EP is not all that bad. But I'm issuing summary judgment against it. You can go to the label if you're interested.

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