Thursday, September 01, 2011

Rite: Lie in Wait for Blood (demo 2011)


Unsigned Swedish black metallers Rite keep churning out the releases. I've interviewed them to plug their Hight of the Day two-song single and then plugged the "Lie in Wait for Blood" promo, so you could say I'm a champion of theirs. Now they've presented us with a four-song demo, Lie in Wait for Blood.

The demo contains the song "Lie in Wait for Blood" as well as three new cuts. The production is (as always) deliciously raw, but this time they have gotten it exactly right (no pun intended), so that it sounds consistent throughout and is never robbed of its power.

The music is mostly slow- to mid-paced, dissonant, raw, evil black metal. The atmosphere created is intense and nerve-racking. The drums are interesting, and sometimes they speed up (e.g. on "Funerals") even when the other instruments are still moving at a doomy pace. Besides the title track, the other standout is "Plagues to Come". It has somewhat of an Egyptian feel to the melody, and although I didn't listen closely to the lyrics I suspect it has something to do with the ten plagues.

The Verdict: Even if they've shown promise with each new mini-release, until now they didn't get everything clicking exactly how it should be. Now, they've proven their mastery. In a way, I wish they would never progress beyond this stage, because I love the rawness of the demo. But they absolutely deserve to move on to the next stage. I give Lie in Wait for Blood 4 out of 5 stars. Go and download it now, and throw a few bucks their way if you're inclined.

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