Thursday, November 03, 2011

Omega Massif: Karpatia (2011)


A while back I reviewed the 2007 debut of German nstrumental post-sludge metallers Omega Massif. They've finally released a followup in Karpatia.

Not a lot has changed for the band. They're still an all-instrumental ensemble, but they manage to make up for it with good music. They still have a few more immediate, sludge style cuts, and a few slower post-metal style cuts. They still lean on the loud/quiet/loud dynamic, and they still throw in some fast sections and some chugging. Counterpoints are still here too, this time in the form of high-pitched tremolo leads culled from post-black metal.

Consistency can be good, for some bands. But for an all-instrumental band, it's a dangerous way to go. If your music doesn't improve dramatically each time, you will be forgotten. "Im Karst" exceeds expectations, as does "Wölfe". But the rest of it's pretty predictable.

The Verdict: It's already a pretty tough sell to get you to buy a second album from an instrumental band, short of a marked improvement in execution. That's compounded when anyone can already get the first album for free. They're basically two of the same thing, with a stark price differential. Unless you really love these guys, it might be best to pass on Karpatia, even if it does deserve 3.5 out of 5 stars. Guys, get a vocalist, and have him (or her) sing exclusively in German.

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