Thursday, September 20, 2012

Auroch: From Forgotten Worlds (2012)

Canada Is Awesome

There are hundreds of bands playing old-school death metal these days. Almost all of them can be succinctly described: This one sounds like Morbid Angel, that one is Swe-death, the other one is an Incantation clone. Very few have managed to sound old-school while being unique. Auroch is one of those few.

The Canadian three-piece have the popular Incantation-style production, murky and evil. Many would be satisfied by that alone. They’d play some equally murky and evil (yet mundane) riffs and call it “atmosphere.” That’s not enough for Auroch.

These guys are far more likely to play some early Florida riffs with that atmosphere, along with sickening Morbid Angel leads. But it doesn’t end there. The guitars are surprisingly showy for OSDM, though less Decapitated shred-fest and more Cryptopsy meticulous serial killer ritual. They go deathgrind at times (“Pathogenic Talisman (For Total Temporal Collapse)”), blackened at others (“Terra Akeldama”). They even throw in some Immolation-style lurching riffs (“Tundra Moon”). The vocals are appropriately broad as well, ranging from a typical death growl, to rasping, to almost-pig-squeals. Mitochondrion’s Shawn Hache also makes an appearance, but that’s probably the least awesome part.

This music has everything that OSDM is supposed to be: catchy, evil, and the exact opposite of the over-polished sound of the modern death metal masses. Add into that some Seagrave-esque artwork, and you have a product that could have been a highly influential record from 1992. Do not pass this one by.

The Verdict: 4 out of 5 stars

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