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Deceased: Supernatural Addiction (2000)

Criminally Underrated

Review by Metallattorney. He is the law.

This is not a new release, rather this is the reissue of Deceased's fourth album. The more I hear from this band, the more I love them. Which is saying something because I have been completely on board with their style since the first time I heard them a few years ago. How this band continues to put out terrific album after terrific album with almost no notoriety whatsoever is completely beyond me. But we are not really here to discuss that. What we are to do is to take a look at this release.

I have not heard everything released by this band yet, but this is probably the most melodic album that I have heard yet from them. The guitar leads in particular are incredible. The beginning melody to opening track "The Premonition" grabs the listener right away and refuses to let go. It is a harbinger of things to come on this release because the album never lets up. Deceased plow through this album like a rampaging beast. The album is fast and furious.

Deceased is a band that is a little hard to classify. They started out as a death metal band, but they quickly began incorporating influences from thrash metal and traditional heavy metal. This is much more of a traditional metal album with only King Fowley's rougher-edged vocals showing any extreme metal influences. As I previously mentioned, this is as melodic as I have ever heard Deceased.

This is also one of the more interesting albums from a lyrical standpoint that I have heard from this band. Deceased here are weaving classically-influenced tales of the macabre and supernatural. The lyrics are well-crafted and call to mind writers such as Poe, who is a clear influence. That has always been one factor that has been unique to Deceased. Their lyrics are often incredible.

But ultimately, it is the riffs that keep things interesting. Deceased never lets up but they never keep to one riff for two long either. They have a real sense for how to make interesting and engaging songs that never lose focus. And this album is probably one of the clearest examples of this gift in all of Deceased's long discography.

This is another classic. If you have not checked out Deceased yet. Do it.

I give this 5 out of 5 stars.

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