Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Gift Idea

I'm hard at work on my daughter's dollhouse, and ironing out the details of my year-end list. For now, here's a Christmas gift idea. 

You know how you can buy a mixed six-pack of beer at a lot of liquor stores? That's for chumps. A better idea: Get six different packs of beer, make a mixed six-pack for a gift, and drink the rest.


  1. Time to insert those cut-out guys from the old Guinness commercials.


  2. That Old Rasputin stout is some top notch stuff.

  3. Yes and yes.

    I love to start with that, or a tripel called Velvet Rooster or an Imperial Esb called Oasis. Then I might have a Guinness or a porter, then end on a Boddington's or Newcastle. Refreshing.

  4. I've tried Old Rasputin, but it was just too strong for me.