Thursday, April 03, 2014

Hiss from the Moat: Misanthropy (2013)

Italy is Becoming Awesome

Review by Metallattorney. He is the law.

I have been exposed to an awful lot of Italian bands recently. I won't complain about it. I love finding metal from other countries, especially countries that do not have a real deep and well-known metal scene. Italy definitely fits that.*

Hiss from the Moat is a blackened death metal band with their leanings much more toward the death metal side of things. This is definitely not a Behemoth clone, the production is much cleaner, with the razor-sharp riffs not as grimy or decayed, though they definitely have an overall evil vibe. The drumming is crisp and clear while maintaining the typical relentless pounding and blastbeats common in this style of metal. The vocals are delivered in two different styles, an Immolation-esque grunting roar and a more blackened raspy shriek.

The album starts off very interesting with some nice acoustic strumming and some storms and demonic voices in the background prior to leading into juggernaut "Conquering Christianity". The rest of the songs are fairly straightforward, there are not a lot of instrumental segues, once the band gets going, they do not let up. The music is chaotic, yet refined. Hiss from the Moat do not do much experimentation. They know they are here to break some necks and defame religion, and that's what they do.

Hiss from the Moat are nothing particularly original. It's straightforward blackened death. It does have a certain evil vibe to it that is necessary for the genre and some impressive riffwork and vocals. It is interesting enough to hold attention, but is probably not a necessary album.

I give this album 3 out of 5 stars.

* [At the risk of offending power metal fans, I think he meant to say Italy doesn't have a real deep and well-known metal scene for boys. --FMA]

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