Thursday, May 08, 2014

Summary Judgments, Volume 12

My Cup Runneth Over

Here are five more releases that didn't get a full hearing from me. Doesn't mean they're bad, necessarily, and some are available at any price you want to pay.

Nightsatan: Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom (2014)

Nightsatan have a very specific and even more peculiar vision: They play instrumental, synth-oriented music inspired by 1980's post-apocalyptic science fiction films. I'm not sure how that pitch goes. The execution is perfect--more lush than a John Carpenter composition, but the spirit is there. It's probably closer to a lot of really terrible movies I've never seen. It's really a phenomenal achievement, but, why?

Svart Records

Apparently there is actually a short film that this goes with, but (a) I haven't researched how you can see it, and (b) the album is twice as long as the film.

This is the coolest thing I've seen all day, I have to admit.

The Weir: Yesterday's Graves (2013)

This record almost certainly deserves a thorough review, but sadly I can't get to all the albums I want. I can say it sounds quite a bit like Isis, but a little more on the sludge side.

Dream Law: Dependence Psalm (2013)

Dream Law is a one-man project of mostly-instrumental, slightly-progressive doom. It's got the right kind of reverb and mood to perhaps interest someone who's into mostly-instrumental, slightly-progressive doom. Which isn't me.

Imbroglio: The Struggle in Pursuit (2014)

Now, this could be strictly my deficiency, but it's entirely possible that I can't tell the difference between ultra-aggressive and heavy hardcore, on the one hand, and deathcore, on the other.

Taurus: No/Thing (2014)

The idea of avant-garde doom intrigued me, but Taurus wasn't what I wanted. Most of the record sounds like Shining (Nor) slowed down and tamed. "Increase Aloneness" is very cool, psychedelic, and all that, but the rest doesn't impress me.

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