Thursday, July 10, 2014

Auroch: Taman Shud (2014)

Death Metal: Not Like Legos

Auroch really get it. Death metal has gone through a lot of phases in its 25 plus years of existence, but all of the trends--be they melodic, technical, modern or otherwise--have missed one very important point. Death metal is supposed to be repulsive. It's not enough to be more technical or more br00tal than anyone else. Even the majority of the old-school death metal revival have missed this subtle point, but Auroch are one band that really gets it.

So, it's probably fair to call them an OSDM band, like I did a couple of years back. But they're better than that tag alone suggests.

As before, Auroch play a style of death metal that blends early Morbid Angel's Floridian riffs with a sepulchral, Incantation-inspired sound. Auroch shred when they want to, or they lurch-and-stumble when the mood strikes. Fast, slow, slow, and fast again, they keep changing it up and keep it interesting.

Which is to oversimplify the issue, because it's not like we're dealing with Legos here; we're dealing with body parts. (And we're all beautiful snowflakes, after all; even our entrails are unique.) That's where many OSDM bands get lost in paying tribute--they put the parts together and check the boxes. Auroch, on the other hand, feel it instinctively. And this allows them to twist it just a little bit off-kilter, making this symphony just sick enough to warrant your attention.

The Verdict: 4 out of 5 stars


  1. Okay I'm convinced. I'm buying this.

  2. Ah now, I wouldn't call the likes of Nocturnus, Atheist or Morbid Angel repulsive, but I would call them technical and I would defend their right to be known under the auspices of the term "death metal". Though on the other hand, that's just an opinion, one of many :)