Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Nekrofilth: Filling My Blood with Poison . . . (2009 Demo)

Maggots in Your Skull

Last year, Nekrofilth satisfied those of refined taste with their tasteful full-length debut, Devil’s Breath . Hells Headbangers, always eager to cater to those of us with delicate musical palates, took notice, and decided to reissue the band’s 2009 demo, Filling My Blood with Poison . . .

This Cleveland steamer apparently knew exactly where to go, right from the start. Although, to be honest, it’s not like this is a particularly difficult thing to do. These are simple hardcore/thrash riffs played with reckless abandon, and where there are solos it’s like they just fucked around for a second or two with the intention of going back to fix it later. But they didn’t. Because they clearly don’t give a fuck, and it shows in all the right ways.

This is precisely the same recipe for success that made Devil’s Breath so great: Thirteen tracks of about a minute or two, played with reckless energy and enthusiasm by a band that reeks of charisma. I must mention, of course, the brilliant, ludicrous, and hilariously disgusting lyrics. Whether about disease, violence, rape, or a number of other topics, you’ll either love it or hate it, depending on whether you’re metal as fuck or you’re a bitch. But if you’re “Too Metal to Move,” then that’s another thing entirely.

So allow me to close this with these immortal lines, from “Rotting”:
There’s maggots in your skull
They’re coming out your cock!
The Verdict: 4 out of 5 stars

Hells Headbangers

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