Thursday, April 23, 2015

Domovoyd: Domovoyd (2015)

The last time I mentioned Finland’s Domovoyd (based on their 2011 EP), I said they were basically Electric Wizard knockoffs. Today, there’s no way I can say that.

Domovoyd has come up alongside Oranssi Pazuzu in forming a small revolution in Finnish psychedelic metal. In both cases, the elements are familiar, but blended in a new way. But where Oranssi Pazuzu started with black metal, Domovoyd started with doom. And you might be thinking, well, doom and psychedelia aren’t exactly strangers. But I think you haven’t heard anything quite like this.

The record starts slow and subtle, with strings followed by bass and echoing clean guitar. Not unusual for stoner doom so far. But then it goes into high-speed, hypnotic Hawkwind stuff. Domovoyd borrow from several different styles of psychedelic music along the way (the riff on “Ambrosian Perfume” sounds like something out of The Matrix, if it were played on guitars), rooting it in a philosophy that borrows from both Electric Wizard and Hawkwind in equal measure.

The vocals are also worth mentioning. On several songs, they sound like something from a deathrock band.

Far from being just another knockoff, Domovoyd have come into their own, and brought the riffs along with them.

The Verdict: 4 out of 5 stars

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