Friday, November 13, 2015

First 5/3/1 Cycle Complete

I've completed my first cycle on the 5/3/1 weight training program, and I've accomplished some things:

- On bench press, I did 200 for 6 reps, and 190 for 11.
- On overhead press, I increased my max from 150 to 160.
- On deadlift, I increased my max from 375 with straps to 390 without. I had always been training it with straps before, but Wendler's right--you shouldn't do that. I've focused a lot on grip strength as well.
- I've learned more about programming accessory lifts.

I attempted a new bench press max, but I was using my bench with the leg extension/curl attachment, which sits higher off the ground. I was trying to dig my feet into it, and all I did was cause pain in my hamstrings trying to brace myself. I'm going to start using my other bench for bench press and get myself in a proper position next time around.

My squat is on a different rep and progression schedule for now, to make up for a lifetime of not squatting deep enough. I'm going at it twice every week, with a 5 pound increase each time. It's at 155 right now, and the plan is to get it to 250 on January 18. After that, I'll go back to once a week on squat, but continue increasing it by 5 pounds every week until I stall out, at which point I'll put it on the 5/3/1 schedule as well.

Unfortunately, my attempts to build mass have had little impact. About three months ago I weighed 170. Ever since my lifting during my junior year of college, I have weighed somewhere between 160 and 170. I managed to build myself up to 180 as of a month ago, but despite eating like a ravenous beast I may have lost a pound or two in the month since. For a month I've been adding Slim-Fast shakes in the afternoon, which worked for me in college. Over the past week I've taken to downing shakes of peanut butter, milk, chocolate, banana, and oatmeal, but that hasn't done the trick yet. Today I added a hardboiled egg to the blender, and I'm looking for other ways (short of adding olive oil to the shake) to pack in more calories. I'll keep you posted on that.


  1. Have you ever read Solitary Fitness by Charles Bronson? I found a copy on Amazon for around $5 bucks and thought it was money well spent,ha,ha!!!! It's all about him working out in Solitary Confinement(20 plus years) without weights. He writes about all different kinds of work-outs to do, etc.. It's pretty rudimentary but a good read and has strong work-outs and is pretty positive.

    1. That sounds fascinating. I think bodyweight exercises are generally underappreciated, but really they're amazing. Pull-ups, dips, and hanging leg raises are a regular part of my routine (although for dips I do have to add weight).

  2. Kelly, a silly question, but are you drinking Whey Protein shakes and taking BCAA's during your workouts/post-recovery? Your shakes sound like something that's difficult to consume and Slim Fast is better avoided because it has a high sugar content.