Sunday, January 22, 2006


Images © 2006 Kelly Hoffart


  1. In case you're wondering, I put an orange slice in a tall pilsner glass, and filled it with 7-Up. I then adjusted the camera settings on my Canon Powershot A520, and mounted it on a tripod. I then took lots and lots of shots of it, putting salt in the glass when the fizz started to die. Laura helped a lot! She found lots of the things that we put behind the glass and often held them there for me. The green is the 7-Up bottle, the red is my lunch bag, the red with lines is a corduroy pillowcase, the blue is an Andrews Van Lines t-shirt, and the last one is a stainless steel canister.

    After I was done, we went to the store to buy more citrus fruit. I'll post those pictures later!

  2. I think the Orange on Green is really nice. Especially because it's a 7-up bottle, that makes it even cooler. It's a great contrast of colors I think...nice work...those are some detailed pics...

  3. Thanks! We're going to blow that one up to an 8x10, actually.

    If you like these, just wait until you see the ones of the lime.