Saturday, December 17, 2005

History�s Greatest Inventions

Many people have put forth their own lists of the most important inventions. Be it the greatest inventions of the century, the millennium, or of all time, all these lists will fall before this one and tremble, in awe or otherwise.

See, I’m no expert on what you might call “science,” or “engineering,” or “common sense,” or any of that other nonsense. I’m a practical person when it comes to inventions. I know the wheel is apparently a “good” thing, at least until someone realizes that the octagon allows for greater stability.

So, I’m going to do History’s 21 Greatest Inventions. Why 21? Because that’s all I thought of before I decided the list was finished.

And now, a teaser: you just get #21 today.

#21: Leather

It’s tough, it lasts forever, and it looks cool. There is really nothing better to wear on your body than leather. Yes, indeed, a full-body leather suit is the way to go for me, with a zipper over the mouth and no eye holes. Of course, if that’s not really your “thing,” then you could always wear a leather jacket, leather gloves, and leather shoes. And if you ride a motorcycle, then for the love of God wear leather pants/chaps too. The reason real bikers wear leather all year around is not just because it looks cool. It’s armor. It protects from road rash.


  1. I apologize.

    I'm doing the posting for Kelly while he gets married.

    There seems to be a bit of an issue with apostophes and html language.

    I can't edit them, but I hope its still readable.

    More musings from the man are on the way and I will do my best to keep to his schedule.

  2. one of the greatest inventions... punctuation. Hehe...

  3. can't argue about leather being a great invention.
    Wine-now that's a fav. of mine. We will never fully know the influence of drunkedness on human history. How many important decisions were made in alcohoic stupors.?
    punctuation a good one, also.

  4. I'd just like to make it known to all of you that Kelly is now, in fact, married. Congratulations, Kelly!

  5. ok, i have never been here before, but i will definately be back to find out the rest of your list! 21 is great. i like the way you write. i got here via "Life as We Write it".

  6. silly...

    no one "invented" leather.

    and i thought all you big sexy lawyers were wordsmiths!

  7. As a potential future "big sexy" lawyer I would argue that at one time in history the process of making and using leather was "invented".

    You must admit that it doesn't grow on trees and it doesn't occur naturally without a process.

    However, I understand your opinion. But if leather is not an innovation/invention, what would you call it?

  8. Well, it looks like Moise already saw the answer to the leather criticism, and it's the same thing with the #1 invention (but I didn't think anyone would criticize leather on the same grounds). A pelt is not an invention, but leather is.