Monday, July 31, 2006

Top 100 Metal Songs, Redux

Want to contribute to a new Top 100 Metal Songs list? Read on . . .

Many people have expressed their disagreement over my Top 100 Metal Songs list. Some of them give constructive criticism, but most just say "this list sucks" and sometimes go on to give me a very narrow-minded, short list of their own.

Here's your chance to do something about it.

Just post a comment here with your top 10 metal songs. If you don't have a top 10, give me your Top 8, or 7, or just 1. Rank each of them in order (I'm not a mind reader) Please, don't put a band on there more than once. If you give more than 10 songs, anything after the 10th one will be ignored. Spammed responses will also be ignored.

I'll leave this post for a long time (perhaps a few months, perhaps a year, depending on how many responses I get). Then I'll compile the results and post up an all-new list. I'll listen to all the songs that make the new list and put in my two cents' worth, but this list, in the end, belongs to YOU.


I've been compiling the list for some time now, and combining it with my old list, and so far the list is 99 songs long. Some of them will be cut from the list, obviously, as more songs are suggested. But there are some bands that I think deserve to be on the list that haven't been put in anyone's top 10 list yet.

So, in addition to the top 10 lists you give, from now on I would also like you to say what your favorite song is from each of the following bands, if you have a favorite:

Iced Earth
Children of Bodom
Lamb of God
Living Sacrifice
Marilyn Manson

If you'd do that, it'd be great. Thanks!

UPDATE 10/12/09:

I've given up on making a new list. My tastes have gotten so much heavier and less mainstream (Opeth, Necrophagist, Death, Bloodbath, etc.) and I've been adding so many more albums all the time that I've realized making a list like this--which is truly complete and fair--is a hopeless endeavor. I still like everything on this list, but I listen to it less all the time.

I do, however, think I can make a top metal albums list, and hope to do so in the first part of January 2010.

If you want to see a list of my favorite bands as it stands now, this is what I took off my Facebook page:

Alchemist, Alice in Chains, Amon Amarth, Amorphis, Apocalyptica, Artillery, At the Gates, Baroness, Behemoth, Black Sabbath, Blood Tsunami, Bloodbath, Candlemass, Johnny Cash, Cephalic Carnage, Coal Chamber, Corrosion of Conformity, Crimson Moonlight, Cryptopsy, Cynic, Dååth, Danzig, Dark Tranquility, Death, Deftones, Dethklok, DevilDriver, Diablo Swing Orchestra, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Dimmu Borgir, Disillusion, Disturbed, Down, Dream Theater, Eluveitie, Eryn Non Dae, Extol, Godsmack, Gojira, The Haunted, John Lee Hooker, Iced Earth, In Flames, Tony Iommi, Iron Maiden, Isis, King Diamond, Korn, Lacuna Coil, Lake of Tears, Led Zeppelin, Living Sacrifice, Mar De Grises, Mastodon, Megadeth, Mercyful Fate, Meshuggah, Metallica, Monster Magnet, Motörhead, My Dying Bride, Necrophagist, Nevermore, Nile, Nine Inch Nails, Opeth, Orphaned Land, Ozzy Osbourne, Pantera, Psyopus, Ram-Zet, Rammstein, Red Harvest, Sepultura, Slipknot, Soilwork, Sotajumala, Soul Embraced, Spineshank, Static-X, Suffocation, Swallow the Sun, Theatre of Tragedy, Therion, Tool, Type O Negative, Volbeat, White Zombie, Black Label Society

I've also disabled comments, as I think 137 is enough.

I hope everyone will accept that I now admit my list was narrow-minded, but I needed the Internet to introduce me to the great stuff (I don't know anyone else who listens to death metal, and I don't think I've ever met anyone who does). In this vein, anyone who needs to be introduced to all kinds of metal you can't hear on the radio should check out MetalCast, the best podcast ever.

UPDATE 1/8/2010: Check out my new list, The Top 50 Metal Albums of The Last Decade


  1. its hard to say which songs must be in the top 100, but i can say for sure that in your list you don't consider many classic songs (you forgot completly iron maiden and megadeth).
    this are my top 10:

    #1: "Master Of Puppets" by Metallica
    master of puppets (1986)
    by far the best heavy meal song ever, it exellent in almost every way, pheraps the lyrics are not the best...
    #2: "The Number Of The Beast" by Iron Maiden
    the number of the beast (1982)
    one of the most classic songs of heavy metal, who doesn't know the introduction of this song?
    #3: "Symphony Of Destruccion" by Megadeth
    countdown to extinction (1992)
    the best song of megadeth, the best thrash you'll find ever (along with metallica)
    #4: "One" by Metallica
    ...and justice for all (1988)
    this song has the best heavy metal guitar solo.
    #5: "Evolution" by Symphony X
    live in the edge of forever (2001)
    i never get tired of listening this song.
    #6: "Hallowed Be Thy Name" by Iron Maiden
    the number of the beast (1982)
    great solo, great lyrics, great song.
    #7: "Breaking The Law" by Judas Priest
    british steel (1980)
    this song demostrates that a heavy metal song doesn't need to be a 8+ min song to be an exelent song
    #8: "Walk" by Pantera
    vulgar display of power (1992)
    i feel all the power of heavy metal when i liste this song.
    #9: "Raining Blood" by Slayer
    reign in blood (1986)
    slayer is one of the 4 giants of thrash (along with metallica, megadeth and anthrax). this song must be here.
    #10: "Ace Of Spades" by Motorhead
    ace of spades (1980)
    this is my favourite song of this grat band, motorhead. its good enough to keep out other songs of legends like black sabbath and ozzie.

  2. Great list! I have to say I haven't heard of Symphony X, but I'll have to give that one a listen.

    Keep 'em coming!

  3. good list. mine:

    1.: Audioslave: Show me how to Live
    2.: Tool - Parabola
    3.: Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills
    4.: Katatonia - Soil Song
    5.: Katatonia - July
    6.: Opeth - Atonement
    7.: RatM - Know your Enemy
    8.: Soilwork - Rejection Role
    9.: Metallica - Whiplash
    10: Audioslave - I am the Highway

  4. You forgot to include Hallowed Be Thy Name by Iron Maiden in your top 100 list.
    I think it's a great song!

  5. #1.Master of Puppets by Metallica
    #2.Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N' Roses
    #3.Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden
    #4.Iron Man by Black Sabbath
    #5.Raining Blood by Slayer
    #6.Painkiller by Judas Priest
    #7.Enter Sandman by Metallica
    #8.You've Got Another Thing Coming by Judas Priest
    #9.Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden
    #10.Crazy Train by Ozzy

  6. These are all great lists! If it keeps up at this rate, I may be able to compile it sooner than I thought. Keep 'em coming!

  7. 1.metallica-master of puppets
    2.iron maiden-hallowed be thy name sabbath-war pigs
    4.pantera-cemetary gates
    5.metallica-fade to black
    7.wintersun-death and the healing
    8.megadeth-poison was the cure
    9.fear factory-replica
    10.diamondhead-the prince

  8. Yes as a previous user said Cemetery Gates by Pantera must be in this list..The vocals in the end of the song are AMAZING!!!!

  9. I can already tell that this is shaping up to be an amazing list! There have been 33 songs suggested so far, so keep 'em coming!

  10. 1. for whom the bell tolls- metallica
    2. cowboys from hell- pantera
    3. symphony of destruction- megadeth
    4. walk- pantera
    5. off-broadway- every time i die
    6. the eand of heartache- killswitch engage
    7. memphis will be laid to waste- norma jean
    8. now you've got something to die for- lamb of god
    9. raining blood- slayer
    10. giles- uneartj

  11. Good List Man But Remember The Greats like Priest And Maiden, I mean metallica's good and all but Maiden and Priest Still tour and put out great albums today

  12. i think you are right about most of the list, but you completely forgot one song that should be ranked # 1.... orion by metallica

  13. What is "true" metal is in the eyes (and ears) of the beholder so it's more fair to just to expand the field to hard rock, and (in my case) acknowledge the songs I feel have already stood the test of time:

    1) Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath (“the” original)
    2) Judas Priest - Victim of Changes (Halford kills on this one)
    3) Motorhead - Ace of Spades (Lemmy defines the metal growl)
    4) Metallica - Master of Puppets (still the best combo of the "old" and "new" Metallica sound)
    5) AC/DC - Hell's Bells (best metal intro ever)
    6) Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water (that riff man)
    7) Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast (the defining Maiden moment)
    8) Led Zeppelin - Dazed & Confused (this was 1968 people. freakin’ heavy)
    9) Blue Oyster Cult – Cities on Flame (great, lost metal riff from their first LP)
    10) Ted Nugent – Stranglehold (hearing this classic song more and more these days)
    11) Slayer - Raining Blood (ferocious)
    12) Alice In Chains - Man In A Box (set the 90s in motion)
    13) Soundgarden – Outshined (Seattle’s other great heavy band)
    14) Jane's Addition – Stop (Navarro is really one helluva gtr player)
    15) Rage Against The Machine - Bulls On Parade (and LA’s other great heavy band of the 90s)
    16) Van Halen - Eruption/You Really Got Me (their first/their best)
    17) UFO - Rock Bottom (Michael Shenker was the most underrated guitarist in rock)
    18) Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak (Another underrated lineup)
    19) Rainbow – Stargazer (Blackmore & Dio’s finest moment)
    20) Saxon - Princess Of The Night (A lost 80s gem from the new wave of British metal)

  14. 1. Slipknot -wait and bleed
    2. Static-x - Push it
    3. Korn- Twisted Transistor
    4. Soilwork - Nerve
    5. Disturbed- Down with the sickness
    6. slipknot-The nameless
    7. Metallica - Fade to black
    8 Mudvaune - Nothing to Gein
    9. Static-x - Dirthouse
    10. Godsmack- I stand alone

  15. 1: Slayer - Angel Of Death
    2: Pantera - Mouth For War
    3: Metallica - Master Of Puppets
    4: Black Sabbath - Iron Man
    5: Down - Dog Tired
    6: Metallica - No Remorse
    7: Venom - Countess Bathory
    8: Bathory - Valhalla
    9: Pantera - Cowboys From Hell
    10: Judas Priest - Painkiller

    Try some real metal, boys

  16. 1- All Along The Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix
    Hendrix invented heavy metal.
    2- Running With The Devil - Van Halen
    EvH also invented a lot of metal things.
    3- Metal Heart - Accept
    Best solo in the heavy metal history
    4- Mr. Crowley - Ozzy Osbornes
    Second best solo in the story.
    5- Sweet Child o Mine - Guns en Roses
    Very metal!
    6- Iron Man - Black Sabbath
    BS also invented metal a little less than hendrix
    7- Johnny B Goode - Chuck Berry
    First metal song in the history
    8- Caprice 5 of Paganini
    Paganini invented all this shred thing 300 years before than YJM
    9- Far Beyond The Sun - Yngwie J Malmsteen
    Malmsteen revolutionized metal, he invented arpeggios and scales and now everyone just plays them as fast as they can.
    10- Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
    Excelent solos

  17. wow ....
    i listent o alot of the 4 earlier greats of heavy metal, sabbath, maiden, priest, metallica and i definitley beleive MAIDEN AND METALLICA deserve lots of spots in the top 30
    ...master of puppets, number of the best, hallowed be thy name, the trooper, every song from metallica's Metallica album "black album for you newbies". some fo you guys need to lern to listen to metal

  18. oh ya by the way.. i dont tihnk ozzy is that great....sabbath pwns

  19. Hmm... Audioslave aren't metal.

    Good luck with this new list, by the way.

    I can't really make any suggestions because there's too much. Maybe I'll make a list and come back.

  20. This list could be immensely better if you had a better taste in music and anything considered metal. If you enjoyed anything about metal, you wouldn't include shit bands like Korn and Slipknot, or for that matter, shit songs. In fact, go listen to some decent metal, and then come back and rewrite the list properly. I saw no Iron Maiden on that list, and I think I saw one Megadeth song. The list also lacked the world's loudest metal band, Manowar, and Pantera's awesome song Cowboys From Hell. So, until you fix your damn shitty list of mostly shitty music you consider metal, you gain no respect points from me.

  21. I'm sorry that I have broader taste in music than you and that I understand what "metal" really means. It seems that rather than enjoying anything at all about metal, I enjoy a far broader scope of what metal is about than you do. Slipknot is the next Metallica; it's ridiculous to insult them. Your complaint about "CFH" is misplaced because Pantera appeared on the list many times, including one from the same album, so it's silly to quibble over one exclusion.

    Just because you don't like it doesn't make it not metal.

    Although, anonymous from September 15 may have a point. Audioslave might not be metal, but that's an arguable point.

  22. Zandor Hendrix did not invent heavy metal.
    It was bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin that did.

  23. Anonymous is right as well. Hendrix isn't really heavy metal. He was more rock and blues. But most early metal was a combination of the two, so it's easy to see why someone would make that mistake.

    But I don't think I would include Zepp in that list. They were more rock as well. I would say Sabbath, Purple, and Steppenwolf, or maybe Iron Butterfly, if I had to pick a third one.

  24. Top 10:
    10)Megadeath-Hanger 18
    9)Ozzy- Crazy Train
    8) Scorpions-Rock u Like a Hurricane
    7) Metallica-Some kind of Monster
    6) Iron Maiden-Run to the Hills
    5) Guns N' Roses-Welcome To the Jungle
    4) Black Sabbath-Iron Man
    3) Korn-Freak On a Leash
    2) ACDC-Highway to Hell
    1) Metallica-Enter Sandman

  25. Wow! Now that's a list with some variety. Finally someone else with a broad view of what constitutes heavy metal.

  26. I've been compiling the list for some time now, and combining it with my old list, and so far the list is 102 songs long. Some of them will be cut from the list, obviously. But there are some bands that I think deserve to be on the list that haven't been put in anyone's top 10 list yet.

    So, in addition to the top 10 lists you give, from now on I would also like you to say what your favorite song is from each of the following bands, if you have a favorite:

    Iced Earth
    Children of Bodom
    Lamb of God
    Living Sacrifice
    Marilyn Manson

    If you'd do that, it'd be great. Thanks!

  27. My tastes in metal change all the time and I have a hard time deciding between some songs. So will be cheating a bit with some bands and do a / / / in the same rank.

    1. Pantera - Walk (No top 100 list should be without this one)

    2. Metallica - No Leaf and Clover from SM-album (Massive wall of sound)

    3. Skid Row - Piece of Me/Get The Fuck Out/Sweet Little Sister/Slave to The Grind/Forever/The Threat/Psycho Love. Sorry, but all these are so great! Get that blood pumping! Listening to it now and I can hardly sit still.

    4. Primal Scream - Get Your Rocks Off (If this don't get you started, nothing will)

    5. Theater of Tragedy - When He Falleth (Borderline black metal and goth. Devil and virgin theme, contrast of growl and "pure" voice).

    6. Cradle of Filth -Nymphetamine (I don't usually like black metal, but I love this one)

    7. Nightwish - Planet Hell (Best thing to come out of Finland)

    8. Alice Cooper - Wicked Young Man (Live version from Brutal Planet Album, probably best metal/hard rock album out there. Texts are very political and he is heavier than ever).

    9. The Gone Jackals - Legacy/Not Burried Deep Enough/Gone Bad. This is the band behind the Full Throttle soundtrack, the old LucasArts game. Sorta garage biker metal.

    10. Warrant - The Power (Woot! Get jumping!)

    Tried for some songs not already on the lists here. Disturbed - Down With The Sickness, Scorpions - Rock You Like a Hurricane, should of course also be on the list.

    For Marilyn Manson I'd add Tainted Love for being a well made cover, and Beautiful People. The last has been played too much so a bit boring now, but it opened up for a new wave of metal fans. Get some Rammstein in there, they've almost created a new genre within metal all by themself. Other than that, get some more european influence as "finish metal" (stratovarius, nightwish, thundercat, etc) is almost its own genre with heavy use of synths. And Black Metal which originated inn and is led by Norway.

  28. I don't wanna be a bish or anything, but do you really count "Ring of Fire" by "Johnny Cash" a metal song?

    I could never call this the top 10 metal songs of all time, but these would definitely be in my list somewhere:

    Rammstein - Du Hast
    Deathstars - Blitzkrieg
    Trivium - Pull Harder on the Strings of your Martyr
    Killswitch Engage - Numbered Days
    Nightwish - Dark Chest of Wonders
    Slayer - Raining Blood
    Marilyn manson - Beautiful People
    Korn - Here to Stay
    Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark
    Yngwie Malmsteen - Vengeance

  29. I can't even come close to agreeing with your list. As a lifelong musician, in my opinion, what makes a song worthy of being on an all time greatest list is that it has stood the test of time, and the MAJORITY of what you have there isn't even CLOSE to having stood the test of time. Any song written in 2000 or later has shown NO stamina yet. And how you could possibly not have a Judas Priest Song in your top 10, you must be loco.

  30. To defend his list...

    Theres no way to find a way of sorting songs that everyone would agree to. It could be a test of time, or the complexity of the song, how catchy it is, what impact it has had on its genre, its orginiality, etc etc etc. Test of time is for me one of the worst ways of deciding top 100 songs, as it excludes all new songs from the last 0 to 5 or 10 years. No song can pass a test of time, if it has had no or little time).

  31. 1. children of bodom- mask of sanity
    2. killswitch engaded- my last serenade
    3. slipknot-Before I forget
    4. Metallica- one
    5. soilwork- cranking the sirens
    6. lamb of god- redneck
    7. mudvayne- dig
    8. Mudvayne- death blooms
    9. tool-schism
    10. system of a down- chop suey

  32. 1)Angel of Death by Slayer
    This song is a masterpiece among the fans of heavy metal.
    2)Paranoid by Black Sabbath
    This song along with Iron Man and War Pigs started it all.
    3)The Trooper by Iron Maiden
    Great,fast,kick ass riffs that will blow you away.
    4)Ace of Spades by Motorhead
    Probably their one of their greatest, this is fast,agressive,angry and combined with Lemmy's vocals make this one mean song.
    5)Enter Sandman by Metallica
    This defines the band and probably thrash metal in general. The whole song uses the same single riff which makes it a classic.
    6)Painkiller by Judas Priest
    Fast, wicked and heavy make this song number 6. Great use of Halfords vocals.
    7)Eruption by Van Halen
    This is probably my number 1# in guitar tracks, their first song was their best.
    8)Master of Puppets by Metallica
    One of the greatest thrash metal songs out there. Should be up there on your list.
    9)Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden
    Love the lines before the song.
    Absolute must have.
    10)Killed by Death by Motorhead
    Better then the Ace of Spades in my opinion, Motorhead delivers killer performance in this one.

    These aren't in any specific order but they are a must have on your list.

  33. Thanks for all your great contributions, everyone. I've been using a point system to compile the list, and those who want "Master of Puppets" on the list need have no fear. I'd have to have a lot of people come in here and vote for the same songs and exclude it from the list for it to disappear. In short, it's winning by a landslide for the #1 spot.

    You know, almost everyone that's criticized the list has been mad that Priest wasn't on the list. Now someone says they need to be in the top 10 for the list to be good. But I've been compiling the list for some time now, and Priest still hasn't gotten into the top 30.

    "Test of time is for me one of the worst ways of deciding top 100 songs"

    I think so too, and I think generally only a douchebag would say it's a good idea. Yeah, go ahead and wait 10 years before you decide if you like a song, that way no one can make fun of your taste. It's safe to do that.

    I'm sorry, but anyone with real taste can tell whether or not something's good and deserves to pass the test of time after just a few listens, if not only one.

  34. i would like to point out two great metal bands
    first slipknot

    their new album rocks
    tracks such as before i forget should definately have a place on the top 100

    The other is a band not to popular in Australia but big in u.s.
    Breakin Benjamin
    These guys have also come of a great album with the release of Phobia and have contributed great tracks such as
    diary of jane
    and unknown soldier that should definately be in the top 10.

    other good bands include soilwork,mudvayne and mastodon

  35. My top ten:
    #10 - Hallowed Be Thy Name - The mighty Iron Maiden were the best thing (almost) about metal in the 80s. They peaked with Powerslave, and I would've put Rime of the ancient Mariner. But really, Hallowed is the best Maiden song IMO. Slow intro (ala Stairway to Heaven), the gallop, the lyrics, the singing, the solo; they were near perfect. Any list without the Maidens is not a list at all.

    #9 - Angel of Death - Cliched yes, but how can you not feel the blood rush to your head right to the tips of your toes when Tom does his scream? Again, intelligent lyrics (courtesy of Jeff), raging angry guitars and vocals played at breakneck speed over Dave's incredible drumming. Amazing.

    #8 - Hangar 18 - Megadeth is NOT the retarded child of Metallica, as you kindly pointed out. Dave is a twat, yes, but in their heyday with Marty Friedman they rocked with the best. Rust in Peace is right up there with the metal gods. Angry lyrics, but intelligent (unlike the metalcore crap), great rhythm guitar and drums, and the solo that never seems to end. Top ten any day, top twenty at least.

    #7 - Cemetery Gates - This was a toss up between this and Walk. I love both (and most of Pantera's work), but to me Cemetery Gates brings more to the table. Very touching lyrics, incredibly well written. Simple bass and drums, the guitar work is simply breathtaking. Acoustic stuff was awesome, the angry riffs, the incredible emotional solo, Phil's singing, it's just one emotion fest. And groundbreaking, the way Dimebag used his harmonics and how Phil matched them.

    #6 - Diary of a Madman - That evil sound, my god. That acoustic riff has to be one of the most melancholy, most evil sounding riffs ever. Randy Rhoads was pure genius, and there are so many other Ozzy tracks that I would have loved to have included. But this one does it for me.

    #5 - Segreischer Marsch - The viking gods have seen fit to bestow their almighty gut crushing roaring power on the sons of Odin, Amon Amarth. That riff, that march, doesn't it sound like the inexorable tramp of booted feet and clashing iron of the vikings? This is an amazing song by an amazing band.

    #4 - Fade to Black - I can't say anything about this song that hasn't been said already. Modern day songwriters and musicians should look at this song to give them an education of what a proper emotional HEAVY "ballad" is and how it can be constructed using four basic chords and the pentatonic scale. Metallica, unmatched.

    #3 - Kings of Metal - The self proclaimed Kings of Metal that is Manowar are sometimes too irritating to bear, but you can't help but love how they wear their hearts on their sleeves, "only for the fans". Joey and gang might be too cheesy for some, but if this is cheese, get me a f***ing fondue set. That chorus, that riff, just raise the horns and let Manowar sweep you away.

    #2 - Bohemian Rhapsody - Yes, yes, it's not metal per se. But that theatrical element, the bombast, the emotion, the complex song structure, the lyrics, the guitar, the solo, everything. It just has the hallmarks of a good ol' rockin' metal song. Bismillah!

    #1 - Master of Puppets - You saw it coming a mile away. How could it not be in any top 3 let alone top ten? You put it at 11 but I think the voters have spoken. Master of Puppets the album is perfect in my eyes. Every song on there stands out. But Master of Puppets shows the truest progression from the rage and speed of Kill Em All. This was a band with the greatest bassist that ever graced god's earth and two amazing guitarists (and a little danish dude that no one really knows...). This was a band at their peak, and I can only hope that the years to come throw up something that can come close to the perfection of Master of Puppets. I won't even bother listing down what I love about it. Just listen to it, and you'll see what I mean. Metalheads unite under this song.

    Honourable mentions - I'm gutted to leave out so many bands, and I'll no doubt wake up in the middle of the night sweating about the choices I've made. Worthy mentions go out to Iced Earth (sorry...), In Flames, Nevermore, Led Zep, Judas Priest, Jimi Hendrix, Mercyful Fate, King Diamond solo, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Yngwie Malmsteen, Anthrax, Venom, Sodom, and the Black Metal bands I love. Oh god, what have I done. Well, for better or worse. My top ten.

  36. Thanks for your input, Hann.

    To the last anonymous commenter, I think you're giving Breaking Benjamin far too much credit. As I noted in my review of Stone Sour's last album, all of BB's songs sound the same. This is what I said: "Yeah, so apparently Breaking Benjamin came out with a new CD today. In the words of Dez Fafara of DevilDriver, 'I could care less.' I heard the new single, and it sounds exactly like the big hit from their last CD, which was just an OK song, but the new version of it is like the outtake reel. Reminds me a bit of 3 Doors Down. Not because it sounds like them, but because all their singles sound the same."

    Soilwork and Mudvayne are both great bands, but Mastodon? No thanks. There are much better power metal bands out there (Iced Earth and Manowar in particular), and I just can't get into the big furry elephants.

  37. Ummm... I'm kind of new to this stuff, ive only been a metal fan for like 4 years, but I think theres something missing from your list, just a few thing actualy, where is trivium? thats what got me started on metal. So listen to a few of there songs and by the end there will be atleast one in to top 20 im sure.

    -thanx for listening

  38. 1>slayer-reign in blood.
    2>number of the beast-iron maiden
    3>redneck-lamb of god and beautiful people-marylon manson
    4>lake bodom-children of bodom
    5>wait and bleed-slipknot
    6>cranking the sirons-soilwork
    7>run to the hills-iron maiden
    9>numbered days-killswitch engage
    10>the land of confusion-disturbed

    other great bands are,cradle of filth,opeth,(asylum radio)and tool.

    if disagree u arnt a metal malusa

  39. Ten songs by ten bands that i currently enjoy. My only criterion is that the songs are all under 6 minutes long (otherwise I battle to compare) - no epics - just songs that rock - and I must enjoy listening to the song over and over.

    #1 Children of Bodom: "Needled 24/7"
    Just because this songs is so slick - just about all COB songs are memorable - maybe I should have put "everytime I die" - oh well.
    #2 In Flames: "Gyroscope"
    Tough choice - "swim" is great but the riff of Gyroscope is probably a better hook.
    #3 Iced Earth: "The Hunter"
    Similar riff to the closing section of "One" by metallica. Straight forward rocker. Iced earth of course have various longer pieces like "Dante's inferno" - but its hard to call a 16 minute epic a "song".
    #4 Dio: "One more for the road"
    Mainly cause I don't get tired of listening to this - crank up the volume and "Let's burn...!"
    #5 Nightwish: "Planet Hell"
    Totally underrated band - maybe I could have gone for the more commercial "nemo" or the heavier "slaying the dreamer" but planet hell is nightwish at their best- Tarja and Marco combining perfectly.
    #6 Testament: "Careful what you wish for"
    Again it would have been possible to include the more fashionable "practise what you preach" but the ascending riff in "careful" is so cool - a supreme chorus line - and the production is spot on.
    #7 Arch Enemy: "Nemesis"
    Nemesis is a superb mix of death and melodic components with driving riffs - if you battle with death metal start here - then try "leader of the rats."
    #8 Slayer: "Angel of Death"
    No choice really - it never gets old.
    #9 Exodus: "I am abomination"
    This song rocks. I just love this song - personal opinion - who care's if no-one agrees. Sounds a lot like slayer actually.
    #10 Metallica: "For whom the bell tolls"
    One of the few under six minutes - metallica have too many good songs - its embarrassing.

    I missed out Lacuna Coil which I regret, also Coal Chamber - but I haven't heard all their stuff. Sorry - I'm pretty bored with Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Pantera (they would have come in at #11) and Judas Priest - which is not a good sign. Also I can't stick Power metal (Dragonforce...) I quite like Disturbed ("the game" is cool) but I was limited to a top ten. Cheers.

  40. 1 - Wasted Years - by Iron Maiden
    2 - Hallowed By Thy Name - by Iron
    3 - Soul Surviver - Helloween
    4 - Symphony of Destruction - by Megadeth
    5 - Trapped under Ice - by Metallica
    6 - Can I play With Madness - Iron Maiden
    7 - I Want Out - By Helloween
    8 - Painkiller - By Judas Priest
    9 - Rising Force - by Yngwie J Malmsteen
    10 - Infinte Dreams - by Iron Maiden

    Notice something all songs except no# 8 & 9 are by the big 4 of the 80s. See the difference between my list and yours my list is full of great well known songs that are worthy. Yours is full of nu metal crap, with medleys and covers and country music <<< no an insult just tryig to make you see the problem

  41. Thanks for your comments so far, everyone. Just a few stats on the list, as it stands right now:

    Iron Maiden is in it six times.
    Metallica is in it seven times.
    Judas Priest is in it three times.
    Pantera is in it four times.
    Slayer is in it three times.
    Korn is in it four times.
    Motorhead is in it twice.
    Black Sabbath is in it six times.
    Megadeth is only in it once, but at a very high position. I bet you can guess which song it is.

    These are, of course subject to change.

    I'm still waiting to hear from somebody on a favorite song from Death, Living Sacrifice, and Sepultura.

    A few responses:

    Who has the authority to name a "top 4" or "top 5" bands of the 80's as if it's some kind of well-known fact, and why is Helloween in it? If I were to name a top 5 bands of the 80's, it would be Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Motorhead, and probably Sepultura.

    "if disagree u arnt a metal malusa"

    And I understand why everyone's up in arms about including Cash in my original list. I never thought so many people would actually read it, though.


  43. Alright, this is my top ten, without excuse or explanation.
    1. Metallica: Master of Puppets (1986).
    2. Opeth: The Leper Affinity (2001).
    3. Led Zeppelin: Stairway to heaven (1971).
    4. Cradle of Filth: Nymphetamine (overdose) (2004)
    5. Iron Maiden: Hallowed be thy name (1982)
    6. Iced Earth: Travel in Stygian (1991)
    7. Nightwish: Fantasmic (2000)
    8. Black Sabbath: Heaven and Hell (1980)
    9. Pantera: Cemetery Gates(1990)
    10. Nevermore: This Godless Endeavor (2005)

  44. *Sigh*

    Anonymous from November 7, that kind of comment was best reserved for the original list, not this one. And I don't appreciate the all-caps, either.

    Freudian Slipknot, thanks for the list! You have contributed nicely to the new list. I kicked your Zepp to the curb. I love them as much as you do, but I'm being a lot more strict with my definition of metal for this list, and I don't think Zepp fits with it.

  45. Alright I can accept that Zepp maybe a little far off the metal track for some, so in that case you can raise all the numbers below "stairway to heaven" one notch to fill the gap and add something a bit more crushing at number 10:
    10. Nile: User-Maat-Re


  46. I already did raise them all up by one when I tallied up the points. Thanks for checking back!

  47. my main problem with the list is that it lacks songs that are pre 1990. sure it is wrong to select on test of time but bands such as iron maiden, black sabbath should be making an apperance in the top 10 rather than songs people have barely heard. The list has way to many nu-metal songs but bands such as Mudvayne and Slipknot deserve a place on the list. When people look at an all time top 100 metal list songs immediately stand out whch is lacking in your list.

    the following is what I consider the top 10 metal songs. Not because most are pre 1990 but these songs are everything that should be found on a metal list.Songs that stood out to a generation of people. Even as a modern day metal fan I would put these songs first.

    1. Iron maiden-Run to the hills
    2. metallica- master of puppets
    3. slayer-raining blood
    4. slipknot- wait and bleed
    5. megadeth- symphony of destruction
    6. metallica- fade to black
    7. mudvayne- forget to remember
    8. testament- return to serentity
    9. Black sabbath- IRON MAN
    10.iron miaden- 666 the number of the beast

    good luck with cronstructing the list.

  48. i would just like to point out that 'most' of the songs on my list stood out to generations. I thought you should know that before shouting at the monitor.

  49. #1 metallica - master of puppets
    #2 metallica - frayed ends of sanity
    #3 Megadeth - peace sells
    #4 Hammerfall - renegade
    #5 anthrax - be all, end all
    #6 blind guardian - into the storm
    #7 metallica - one
    #8 slayer - seasons in the abyss
    #9 iced earth - pure evil

  50. Thanks for the feedback so far, everyone. I think I'll be able to close the voting down on New Year's Eve, and then finish compiling the list and start posting it early in the year.

    But as of now the voting is still open!

    I've never shouted at my monitor . . . .

    Keep it coming!

  51. #1 - Slayer - Angel of Death (Monarch to the kingdom of the dead)

    #2 - Megadeth - Tornado of Souls (Its the kiss of death)

    #3 - Slayer - Dead Skin Mask (Ill keep you forever) or Postmortem (Chanting lines of blind witchery)

    #4 - Metallica - Motorbreath (Living and dying laughing and crying) or Blitzkrieg (Let us have peace, let us have life)

    #5 - Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills (Hunting and killing their game) or Hallowed be thy Name (The sands of time for me are running lowohohooooooWOOahHh)

    #6 - Diamond Head - The Prince (Time to die)

    #8 - Testament - Souls of Black (Look at the lost souls)

    #8 - Anthrax - Indians (WARDANCE)

    #9 - Judas Priest - Touch of Evil (A dark angel of sin)

    #10 - Suicidal Tendencies - Nobody Hears (Is it all in my mind)

    #11 - Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl (Who is this irrestibles creature who has an insatiable love for the dead?)

    Tried not to repeat bands as requested. So I cheated :)

  52. kelly said...
    So, in addition to the top 10 lists you give, from now on I would also like you to say what your favorite song is from each of the following bands, if you have a favorite:
    Trivium - Entrance of the Conflagration

  53. 1)mask of sanity-children of bodom
    3)redneck-lamb of god
    4)reign in blood-slayer
    5)master of puppets-metallica
    6)iron man-black sabbath
    7)ace of spades-motorhead
    8)run to the hills-iron maiden
    9)slipknot-before i forget
    10)slipknot-wait and bleed

    other good bands include soilwork,him,g-war and disturbed

  54. Ok man I only looked at 100-91 so far but I'm a little pissed. I hope you put somethin from Master of Puppets or ...And Justice For All or Ride The Lightning or Kill 'Em All by Metallica but that still won't make up for putting down shit from Reload and Load. Those albums suck. Those albums were their sellout. The true Metallica sound is in the first four albums afterwards they just suck. I'm sorry but those albums are the 2 worst Metallica albums in history and those songs are far from being good.

  55. Alex Fred, that comment is better reserved for the old list. And yes, you won't be disappointed too badly--they are on there.

    I'd like to remind people again that I won't consider repeat votes.

  56. #1 "skeezix dillema part II" by tourniquet
    Amazing violin intro, crazy guitars/solo.. ted kirpatrik=greatest drummer to live
    #2 "Ex Nihlo" by becoming the archetype
    catchy intro, calm middle cooldown, amazing vocals, crazy instument coordination
    #3 "Symbiotic" by living sacrifice
    the bands answer to slipknot, completely blew slipknow away... they have a thing called talent=D
    #4 "the power of i and i" shadows fall
    good guitars/rhythm/solos, amaazing drums, powerful metal feeling about it
    #5 "kill and decieve" by figure four
    most brutal metal song ever
    #6 "Killing the Dragon" by Dio
    his most hardcore song until the eyes was released on his master of the moon album. one of the least appreciated artists around.
    #7 "5 year winter" by zao
    great song from their selftitled album, a shame their newest fear that keeps us here sucks so bad
    #8 "judas" by the agony scene
    an amazing deathmetalish song with amazing riffs, thundering double bass, catchy chorus
    #9 "summer of darkness" by demon hunter
    a good one for the numetal fans
    #10 "Rising" by the souls unrest
    good bass line, amazing percussion, catchy riffs, great vocals.. a masterpiece

  57. This list was awful and had more nu-metal than real metal. Also some songs which are completely non-metal. Johnny Cash? Evanescence? And you're missing some of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time. Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Queensryche? What about other genres? Death Metal? Doom Metal? Black Metal? Progressive Metal? Power Metal? And also some bands are really overrepresented. Obviously any "best songs" list is going to be biased but your is far over the top.
    This list was awful. You obviously don't know anything about metal.

    Anyway, to my reccommendations:

    Iced Earth: Burning Times

    Anyway to my reccommendations

    #1. "Walk" by Pantera
    Totally encapsulates the whole spirit and attitude of heavy metal. Arrogant, in-your-face and with some awesome riffs.

    #2. "The Trooper" by Iron Maiden
    Great lyrics that actually tell a cohesive story, great music and an awesome band.

    #3. "Sweating Bullets" by Megadeth
    I had a tough choice here deciding between which Megadeth song to put.
    "Hangar 18" and "Peace Sells" show the most technical prowess and are both awesome and "Symphony of Destruction" is great and catchy as fuck but in the end I chose "Sweating Bullets" because of its uniqueness

    #4. "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Metallica
    Again i had trouble deciding what to put here but decided on For Whom the Bell Tolls because it is awesome and my favourite Metallica track.

    #5. "FullMoon" by Sonata Arctica
    One of my favourite songs by my favourite bands. And power metal definitely needs to be represented on this list.

    #6. "Death, Come Near Me" by Draconian
    I'm not that into Draconian but this is an amazing and epic track and fitting to represent doom/gothhic metal.

    #7. "House of Sleep" by Amorphis
    Amorphis again are an awesome band that are hard to put in any particular genre. This is one of my favourite songs by them and it's really catchy.

    #8. "Sea of Lies" by Symphony X
    I wanted to represent the progressive metal genre and I couldn't decide between Symphony X and Dream Theater. In the end I decided on Symphony X because they need the exposure more and this is an awesome song.

    #9. "Earth Day" by Devin Townsend
    He had to be represented here somehow and this is my favourite aong from all of his projects. Progressive metal in a completely different vein to the previous one.

    #10. "We Will Rise" by Arch Enemy
    I manage to squeeze a death metal song in here. Catchy as hell and really awesome.

    I'm a little disappointed I didn't get some other great bands in there such as Iced Earth and Black Sabbath but oh well.

  58. when is this list actually coming?

  59. 1.cementary gates-pantera
    2.iron maiden- hallowe be thy name
    3.dream theater- metropolis part 1
    4.metallica- master of puppets
    5.megadeth-die dead enough
    6.dragonforce-through the fire and the flames
    7.testament-return to serenity
    8.led zepplin-kashmir (i count this metal and zepplin has had an influence on many metal bands)
    9.mastodon-capillarian crest(mastodon produced one of the albums of the year ther are not many power metal bands better than them.
    10.slipknot-wait and bleed

    other good bands include
    mudvayne, s.o.a.d, and blind guardian

    i may just point out that the website consists of many metal lists that may help u in composing the list(thanks)

  60. what the fuck
    breaking benjamin are not like that at all
    and even if they do have 5-6 great songs this is a list on great songs not bands
    a band with 1 brilliant song should rank higher than a band with 6 o.k songs
    i'd advise u to have a re-listen and that alot of the songs from ur nu metal bands on the list sound very similar as well. Even if all the songs are added together under one number it should definately take up a spot on your list.

  61. I dont think you should repeat metalica so much, and there are others that are i there lots, the best song by marilyn manson i think is (s)aint. Also more new metal please, like atreyu, still reamins and bullet :D ooo and arch enemy are supercool too

  62. Everybody has his/her taste in music, and they are entitled to their opinion too. This particular list, however, seems to have been written to prove a point! You know what that point is?--'I understand METAL better, and I have a wider range of taste than all of you'.
    I don't care about nostalgia or 'classics', what sounds good, does indeed sound good..period. But even from that point of view, your list fails miserably. I'm not one of those elitist ego-maniacs who say..'no slayer??crap!! or Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Judas priest are the only true metal bands'..etc etc, but I will tell you one thing...Static many times??..I'd rather dance to Slipknot are the next Metallica??? Now I'm not saying they are a bad band...but they are no next Metallica...not even if they hire 9 new members!!I have nothing against you including Cash and some others not really metal..I'm judging your list solely on the 'metal listening satisfaction' aspect, and I must say again, I'm disappointed. I'm gonna do a list like this on my blog pretty check it out if you have the time and the inclination. I'm not saying it'll be better than your list, or that it'd be 'true metal' but it will be somewhat different.

  63. the fact is that no one person can make a top song list because no one has listened to EVERY SINGLE metal song or band.It was A descent list and most of the songs I do Like but in my opinion Iron Maiden And Judas Priest Should be on the List.They do have great songs such as "Run To The Hills" and "Hell Bent For Leather".I don't Think Cover songs should be on the list.My number one metal song to me would have to be "Iron Man" By Black Sabbath.I know that sounds cliche but the riff is so genius and recognizable that it just deserves to be number one.The songs on the list were good.Top 100 Metal Songs of all time they were not

  64. Your list is terrible, no Iron Maiden and you had a Slipknot song at #2. Here is the real list.

    #1- Run To The Hills (Iron Maiden)
    #2- War Pigs (Black Sabbath)
    #3- Painkiller (Judas Priest)
    #4- Battlefield (Blind Guardian)
    #5- Sleepless Nights (King Diamond)
    #6- Queen of the Reich(Queensryche)
    #7- Melancholy (Iced Earth)
    #8- Metropolis Pt.1 (Dream Theater)
    #9- Refuse/Resist (Sepultura)
    #10- July Morning (Uriah Heep)

    If you disagree with this list, chances are you listen to generic bullshit like Metallica. Now go buy another sellout Metallica album because your friends told you to.

  65. Hey might be too late to leave a comment but whatever, i like your list but like some people have stated i dont agree with the johnny cash and a cover for number 1 even though im a huge metallica fan. um Children of bodom are really awesome check out "in your face" which gives an awesome keyboard solo along with a guitar one, and triviums pull harder on the strings of your marytr is awesome. too bad they sold out and sound just like metallica. overall good list. dont know why people are looking for zepplin on a METAL list. zepplin is hardrock noobs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. A different point of view. For your consideration:

    1: AC/DC - Whole lotta Rosie
    2: Dream Theater - As I am
    3: Metallica - Blackened
    4: Testament - Down for life
    5: In flames - Leeches
    6: Fear factory - Resurrection
    7: Megadeth - Holy wars...
    8: Sepultura - Territory
    9: Metallica - Sanitarium
    10: Iron Maiden - Hallowed by the name

  67. Pulse of the Maggots By Slipknot Vol:3 The Subliminal Verses

  68. Just a few people included a instrumental song, so I'm including one. It's impossible to make a list that everybody agrees, and for sure I forgot great songs and if I could remember right now, the list would change for sure.

    1 - Black Sabbath - Sign Of The Southern Cross
    2 - Van Halen - Can't get this stuff no more
    3 - Dio & Malmsteen - Dream On
    4 - Pantera - Cemetary Gates
    5 - Fade do Black - Metallica
    6 - Gary Hoey - Blast
    7 - Anthrax - Hy Pro Glo
    8 - Deep Purple - Burn
    9 - Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction
    10 - Alice in Chains - Man in the box

  69. 1.raining blood/slayer
    2.end of the line/devildriver
    4.cult/slayer shit/marilyn manson you've got something to die for/lamb of god
    7.death walking terror/cannibal corpse
    8.the lord's sedition/deicide
    10.the serpenting offering/dimmu borgir


  71. I know TOOL isn't a metalhead's metal band. Everything about their attitude says art-rock, but if they're on the list at all, or any list, if you're calling TOOL metal then their best songs belong in the TOP 20.

    Just for kicks-

    1. Lateralus - TOOL
    2. Stairway to Heaven- Led Zeppelin
    3. Blackwater Park- Opeth
    4. Would?- Alice in Chains
    5. 2112- Rush
    6. Stone The Crow - Down
    7. So Did We - Isis
    8. Into the Void- Black Sabbath
    9. Backbone - Gojira
    10.The Eruption - Emperor

    That's the Problem With Lists like this: I didn't even include a Katatonia Song, and I could think of like 10 of their songs that are right up there; Tool's the Grudge might be better then any song on this list. I don't think these lists should be made to be "Top" anything unless you are really putting some serious time into it, like years. Maybe if I did nothing else it could be a matter of months, but there are so many things to consider. What was refreshing about the original list is that it wasn't guilty of being overly friendly to the thrash genre. Many of these TOP 100 lists are all Metallica and Slayer at the top, but who's to say "Master of Puppets" is better then "Xanadu" by Rush, or "Dogs" by Pink Floyd, or "Bury Me in Smoke" by Down, "Chop Suey" by SOAD, or "Spirit Crusher" by Death.

  72. My top ten changes all the time but this is what i have right now

    1. "Before i Forget" by Slipknot
    2. "Stupify" by Disturbed
    3. "Stealing Society" By System of a down
    4. "This is Now" By Hatebreed
    5. "Infected" by Bad Religion
    6. "The Blister Exists" by Slipknot
    ^^^^^^i think you totally forgot about the blister exists its one of there best songs
    7. "Nobody" by Skindred
    8. "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple
    9. "Black Label" by Lamb of God
    10. "Let the bodies hit the floor" by Drowning pool

  73. Ok I'm a huge slipknot fan and i know LOADS of there songs. Personally if Wait And Bleed makes it, why doesn't Before I Forget? or Surfacing? those are classic Slipknot songs and they became known for those, personally i think that slipknot kinda was misjudged but that number two placement was dead on.

  74. ur all debating over a lost cause?!?

  75. hag#10 - Before I Forget - Slipknot
    #9 -
    #9 - Foreclosure of a Dream - Megadeth
    #8 - Walk - Pantera
    #7 - Ace of Spades - Motorhead
    #6 - You Got Another Thing Comin' - Judas Priest
    #5 - Highway to Hell - AC/DC
    #4 - Angel of Death - Slayer
    #3 - Whiskey in the Jar Metallica
    #2 - Black Sabbath - Iron Man
    #1 - Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden

  76. 10= "Hammer Smashed Face" by Cannibal Corpse. This band defines death metal and this song defines the band. brilliant.
    9= "Davidian" by Machine Head. Just... just amazing.
    8= "Walk" by Pantera. A song that is just so obviously excellent.
    7= "Refuse/Resist" by Sepultura.
    6= "Aesthetics of Hate" by Machine Head. a modern classic.
    5= "One" by Metallica.
    4= "Reign in Blood" by Slayer.
    3= "Halo" by Machine Head.
    2= "Master of Puppets" by Metallica. Obviously.
    1= I have no idea. too much choice so just score the ones above - i have no number 1.

  77. Well if u have Jhonny cash in ure list, u might aswell add some progressive rock. Dream Theater man!
    Also Liquid Tension Experiment which includes some members of Dream Theater. Look at the song Acid Rain by them.

    Also the list had a major Megadeth deficiency. I Love Metallica, but ignoring Megadeth is a slap in the face. Also more Led Zeppelin. Black Dog, Rock and Roll, The lemon song, Achilles last stand, Moby Dick/

  78. It's really hard to put an order to them, so here are my top 10 - in no particular order.

    -Korn - Falling away from me (from the live and rare album)

    -SOAD - F**k the system

    -Mettalica - The unforgiven

    -Korn - Faget

    -Iron Maiden - Run to the hills

    -SOAD - Forest

    -Tool - Lateralus

    -Tool - Intension

    -Slipknot - Heretic Anthem

    -Underoath - It's dangerous business walking out your front door

    I doubt anyone agrees..


  79. The songs I think should be on the list are:
    1.SlipKnoT:Before I Forget
    2.AC/DC:Back in black
    3.KoRn:Coming Undone
    5.Led Zeppelin:Immigrant
    6.Black Sabbath:Iron Man
    7.Death From Above:Little Girl
    9.Death from above:Romancing Rights
    10.Kiss:Rock and roll all night

  80. You have forgot a few names in the metal business. Guns N' Roses deserve there spot somewhere on the list with such hits as "Welcome to the Jungle", "Sweet Child O' Mine", "Paradise City", "You Could Be Mine", or "Live and Let Die". I am sure some of you would agree that those are songs worthy of your list.

  81. I've been bangin' since '69 and it would take me months to come up with a "Top 100". But I'll add a few today, my 44th birthday.

    "Toxic Waltz" - Exodus
    "Through Eyes Of Glass" - Forbidden
    "A Light In The Black" - Rainbow
    "Archetype" - Fear Factory
    "Foul Taste Of Freedom" - Pro-Pain
    "Nobody's Fault" - Aerosmith
    "Stength Beyond Strength" - Pantera

    To be continued...

  82. Devildriver : These fighting words

    Iced Earth: Dante inferno

    In Flame : Quiet place

    Blind Guardian : Imagination from the other side

    In Flames : Colony

  83. 1. Pantera Cowboys from hell
    (My Favorite band and i have to say this song is one of the best ever made. I had to choose from either cowboys from hell, slaughtered, heresy, and hollow.

    2. Slayer Raining Blood

    3. Slipknot Left Behind

    4. Metallica(Anything Before The Black Album) Eye of the beholder
    (I Hate the black album especially enter sandman so And Justice For All was their their last really hardalbum. this song is great)

    5. Lamb of God Black Label

    6. Black Sabbath Paranoid

    7. Led zeppelin Stairway to heaven

    8. AC DC Highway to hell

    9. Anthrax Mad House

    10. Ozzy Osbourne Bark at the moon

    I know you aren't going higher than 10 but what the hell i don't care 'cause that is how i roll!

    11. Gun's N' Roses Welcome to the jungle
    12. Down The Seed
    13. Korn Right Now
    14. Super Joint Ritual Dress Like A Target
    15. Judas Priest You got another thing 'comin

  84. Please include some nothinkers that should by all means be included:

    1)Number of the Beast
    2)Run to the Hills

    a metal list without Maiden?! certanly wtf dude!

  85. I thought the list was great.
    I dont agree with everything.
    But I thought it was a great list.
    Good job.
    Must have taken days to put it together.

  86. My top ten:

    1. "Tornado of Souls" by Megadeth
    2. "Trial By Fire" by Testament
    3. "Of Sins And Shadows" by Symphony X
    4. "Sadly Sings Destiny" by Blind Guardian
    5. "The Toxic Waltz" by Exodus
    6. "Heresy" by Pantera
    7. "Alison Hell" by Annihilator
    8. "Jesus Saves" by Savatage
    9. "Metal Heart" by Accept
    10. "Burn In Hell" by Twisted Sister


  87. My Top Ten
    10) Anorexia Nervosa - The Drudenhaus Anthem
    9) Roadrunner United - Army of the Sun
    8) Cryptopsy - The Pestilence that Walketh in the Darkness
    7) Damageplan - Explode
    6) Extol - Inferno
    5) Obituary - Insane
    4) Iced Earth - Cities on Flame[Consider Blue Öyster Cult version also]
    3) Nile - Sacrifice unto Sebek
    2) Iron Maiden - Sanctuary
    1) Black Sabbath - Electric Funeral

  88. dude your list clearly shows how little you know about metal, you had johnny cash in the top 10, i dont know how he could be in any way even linked in any way to metal or even a metal subgenre.

    sissapointing to see you left out, at the gates, death, machine head, in flames, and if your gunna include sub genres, even ones as shitty as nu metal, at least include some metalcore bands, as i lay dying, parkway drive, i killed the prom queen for example.

    seriously these are some songs you really should have on that list, under a serpent sun- at the gates,
    halo- machine head, say goodbye- i killed the prom queen, confined- as i lay dying, forgotten wasteland- in dread response
    with a thousand words to say but one- darkest hour

  89. Needs more old school/death metal, less nu-metal...

    #1: Number of the Beast-Iron Maiden
    #2: Master of Puppets-Metallica
    #3: Cemetery Gates-Pantera
    #4: Raining Blood-Slayer
    #5: Painkiller-Judas Priest
    #6: Fade to Black-Metallica
    #7: The Trooper-Iron Maiden
    #7: Rainbow in the Dark-Dio
    #8: Cowboys From Hell-Pantera
    #9: Hangar 18-Megadeth
    #10: Through the Fire and Flames-Dragonforce
    #11: Nemesis-Arch Enemy
    #12: Voice of the Soul-Death
    #13: Death in Fire-Amon Amarth
    #13: I Am The Black Wizards-Emperor
    #14: Downfall-Children of Bodom

    etc... thats what I think...

  90. well really hard decision but here goes

    1) One - Metallica

    such an amazing and extremely influential song laying the foundations for future metal and other brands. greatest solo in history.

    2) Smells like teen spirit - nirvana

    i don't know if this is considered metal but such an incredible song. strange lyrics though....

    3) Fear of the Dark - Iron Maiden

    4) Master of Puppets - Metallica

    5) Breaking the Law - Judas Priest

    6) Nymphetamine - Cradle of Filth

    not reallly heavy but some death in there could do

    7) Wait and Bleed - Slipknot

    8) Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden

    9) Fade to Black - Metallica

    10) Ace of Spades - Motorhead

  91. 1. Are You Dead Yet - Children of Bodom - it's the song that got me into metal so...
    2. Needled 24/7 - Children of Bodom
    3. Raining Blood - Slayer
    4. Toxicity - System Of A Down
    5. Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne
    6. Walk - Pantera
    7. Hopeless - Parkway Drive
    8. Enter Sandman - Metallica
    9. Sweating Bullets - Megadeth
    10. Wait And Bleed - Slipknot

  92. A list of metal songs without Maiden? Are you serious. Any metallica songs other than 'for who the bell tolls', 'one' and 'enter sandman' should be removed. And no Dio? You know there was metal long before all these Nu-Metal bands you are plugging on your list. Truthfully, Motley Crue and 80's party metal is far more qualified to be metal than bands like Godsmack and Alice in Chains. Metal is Metal. Glam, thrash, party, dark, death, speed, epic and progressive are all metal. Metal is about piercing guitar solo's and singers who can sing in a range. I'll take a Dokken Instrumental over any of these Nu-Metal song instrumentals. I mean, you like King Diamond and Mercyful Fate. That's some vocal range. Sully? HE has 1 sound which is 33% of the number of chords his guitarist knows. Now as far as a top ten for me it's hard because songs are always jumping in and out. But for now.

    1- Iron Maiden- 'The Trooper' Metal defined.

    2- Quiet Riot- 'Cum On Feel The Noise' Changed the sound of metal for a decade.

    3- Black Sabbath- 'War Pigs/Luke's Wall' Pioneering song.

    4- Guns n' Roses- 'November Rain' Most Beautiful song ever written.

    5- Iced Earth- 'Dante's Inferno' Just exquisite.

    6- Helloween- 'Halloween' Hessian thrash in all it's glory.

    7- Overkill- 'Union' Bridged the gap between hair and thrash.

    8- Dio- 'Holy Diver' Quintessential metal song.

    9- Queensryche- 'Silent Lucidity' It's not metal without the ballad.

    10- Manowar- 'Battle Hymn' I mean, you know, just listen to the song. It's immaculate.

    There you go. Expand your horizons, there was metal long before 2000.

  93. 10-Bonded by Blood(Exodus)
    9-Angel of Death(Slayer)
    8-Two Minutes to Midnight(Iron Maiden)
    7-Symphony of Destruction(Megadeth)
    6-Rainbow in the Dark(Dio)
    4-The Cross(Scorpions)
    3-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath(Black Sabbath)
    2-Mr.Crowley(Ozzy Osbourne)
    1-Master of Puppets(Metallica)

  94. The songs that should be on the list are:
    1) Before I Forget by SlipKnoT

    This song is very instrumental and got them their 1st Grammy! And it has a kickass chorus!

    2) One by Metallica

    Beautiful intro. Awesome solo.

    3) Vermillion by SlipKnoT

    A very solid performance by all members. Corey's vocals are professional and Mick's guitar solo is freaking awesome (midway point)

    4) Number of the beast by Iron Maiden

    Great beat to it

    5) Stricken by Disturbed

    6) Back in Black by AC/DC

    7) Duality by SlipKnoT

    Why not? It's Amazing

    8) My Curse by Killswitch Engage
    Beautiful and heavy at the same time

    9) Pulse of the maggots by SlipKnoT

    Turbo-charged mega anthem written all over it with one of the most complex solos ever written.
    10) Raining blood by Slayer

  95. Johnny Cash isn't metal you retard

  96. Yeah, and a crossbow isn't a gun either. But if you were smart, you'd see what I meant.

  97. Ok here is my list. Your list had WAY too much mallcore in it, and so many bands that aren't even metal, ex: Slipknot, Korn, etc.

    1."Lesson in Violence" by Exodus
    Bonded by Blood (1985)
    2."Starchild" by Wintersun
    Wintersun (2004)
    3."Nemesis" by Arch Enemy
    Doomsday Machine (2005)
    4."Hallowed be Thy Name" by Iron Maiden
    The Number of the Beast (1982)
    5."Holy Wars... the Punishment Due" by Megadeth
    Rust in Peace (1990)
    6."Born of Fire" by Slayer
    Seasons in the Abyss (1990)
    7."Painkiller" by Judas Priest
    Painkiller (1990)
    8."Gates of Valhalla" by Manowar
    Into Glory Ride (1983)
    9."Heavy Metal (is the Law)" by Helloween
    Walls of Jericho (1985)
    10."Holy Diver" by Dio
    Holy Diver (1983)

  98. You're fucking retarded. Some of this isn't even metal, for one thing. Two, ever single song on here is shitty commercialized false metal.

    No mention of any death metal, black metal, folk metal, doom metal, GOOD thrash metal, not to mention a shit load of classic metal. Before you make a metal list, maybe you should find out a little bit about the genre, not the shit that the radio tells you is metal.

    Shoot yourself, please. And before you do, please rename this list to "100 Songs That Make Angsty Pre-teens Feel Tough"

  99. if your going to have a list of top 100 metal songs....maybe you should put some metal songs on the list...many of these bands are alternative rock etc. put real metal on your list

  100. Alright, I'll take a crack at top ten, although I'll probably need to think about this for a lot longer...

    1. Into the Void - Black Sabbath
    2. Painkiller - Judas Priest
    3. I am the Black Wizards - Emperor
    4. Rebellion in Dreamland - Gamma Ray
    5. Symbolic - Death
    6. Pure Holocaust - Immortal
    7. Holy Wars - Megadeth
    8. Master of Puppets - Metallica
    9. Freezing Moon - Mayhem
    10. Black Diamond - Stratovarius

  101. Anonymous on May 11: Now THAT'S what I call a metal list! Nice coverage of genres, all great bands, totally solid. Here is my take.

    1. Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath
    2. See Through Dreams by Death
    3. Unsilent Storms in the North Abyss by Immortal
    4. Trauma and Catharsis by Dark Angel
    5. World Eater by Bolt Thrower
    6. Capitel I: I Troldskog Faren Vild by Ulver
    7. Corporal Jigsore Quandray by Carcass
    8. Future Breed Machine by Meshuggah
    9. As Embers Dress the Sky by Agalloch
    10. Vanadis by Falkenbach

  102. Dit is m'n top 10 van nu! Dit is enkel een momentopname hoor. We delen als mensen maar al te graag alles in vakjes en cijfertjes hé ;-)

    1) Symphony X - Domination
    2) Protest The Hero - Palms Read
    3) Therion - Cults Of The Shadow
    4) Nightwish - Ghost Love Score
    5) Turisas - Sahti Waari
    6) Sonata Arctica - Picturing the Past
    7) Metallica - Hero Of The Day
    8) System Of A Dawn - Shimmy
    9) Metallica - Fuel
    10) AFI - This Celluloid Dream

    Overmorgen ziet de lijst er weer anders uit... maar de liedjes blijven geweldig :-D

  103. real dumb of me! I forgot to post it in english instead of dutch :-P

    In Two Words.. My list is only temperely my top ten.

  104. 1. Angel Of Death - Slayer
    2. Raining Blood - Slayer
    3. Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne
    4. Peace Sells - Megadeth
    5. The Trooper - Iron Maiden
    6. Mechanix - Megadeth
    7. Master Of Puppets - Metallica
    8. Paranoid - Black Sabbath
    9. Cowboys From Hell - Pantera
    10. One - Metallica

  105. 1. The Glass Prison - Dream Theater
    2. Deliverance - Opeth
    3. A Change Of Seasons - Dream Theater
    4. Inferno - Symphony X
    5. Jet City Woman - Qeensryche
    6. Ytse Jam - Dream Theater
    7. In The Mist She Was Standing - Opeth
    8. The Philosopher - Death
    9. YYZ - Rush
    10. Darkest Hour - Evergrey

  106. 1. Raped By The Light Of Christ - At The Gates
    2. Monochromatic Stains - Dark Tranquillity
    3. Withering Away - Kalmah
    4. Bed Of Razors - Children Of Bodom
    5. Moonshield - In Flames
    6. Gyroscope - In Flames
    7. Hollowheart - Kalmah
    8. Heartwork - Carcass
    9. Needled 24/7 - Children Of Bodom
    10. Dolls - Dark Lunacy

  107. 1. Zombie Ritual - Death
    2. Unleash Hell - Vital Remains
    3. Chapel Of Ghouls - Morbid Angel
    4. Cast Down The Heretic - Nile
    5. Fucked With a Knife - Cannibal Corpse
    6. Homage For Satan - Deicide
    7. Evil Warriors - Possessed
    8. Are You Dead Yet - Children Of Bodom
    9. Maddening Disdain - Arsis
    For Fun 10. The Gatekeeper - Death of a Martyr

  108. 1. Willkommen Folk Tell Dreakk Fest - Trollfest
    2. Sugar - System of a Down
    3. Welcome Home - Coheed and Cambria
    4. Slip N Sin - Pulse Ultra
    5. Lateralus - Tool
    6. Scarified - Racer X
    7. Blood On The Swans - Kataklysm
    8. Pure - Mors Principium Est
    9. Black Seeds On Virgin Soil - Old Man's Child
    10. The Mute Requiem - Quo Vadis

  109. 1. Hallowed be thy name - iron maiden
    2. Fade to black - metallica
    3. The legacy - iron maiden
    4. Piankiller - judas priest
    5. War pigs - black sabbath
    6. Beyond the realms of death - judas priest
    7. One - metallica
    8. Land of confusion - disturbed
    9. Bring your daughter... To the slaughter - iron maiden
    10. Achilles last stand - led Zeppelin

  110. 1. Forest - System Of A Down
    2. DDevil - System Of A Down
    3. Laid To Rest - Lamb Of God

    If it were up to me, Id make the top 10 list entirely out of System songs. They are the best. It just takes a bit of time to get into them, a few listens and youre hooked.
    Honestly, B.Y.O.B is probably their shittiest song. Mainstream Bullshit. The first song you get sick of. I hate doing this, cuz its so hard to choose, but I think the 1st Album is the best. Every Song. The second album's got some fillers. The third album is good all around, I love it, but its weird. The least 2 albums are about 30% Pure Crap.

    Masturbate On - Listen To System

    - Erik Bedross -

  111. i can't beleive you forgot cannibal corpse, sure there not as popular as danzing but they are 1,000,000 times as metal as he is

  112. Some other songs to consider
    Omerta-Lamb of God
    -Super Heavy riff

    Laid to Rest-Lamb of God
    -Hard and Fast

    Pure Hatred or Resurrection-Chimaira

    Duality, People=Shit, (sic), Before I forget-Slipknot

    Feuer frei or Amerika-Rammstein
    Yesterday Don't Mean Shit-Pantera


    Check Em Out!

  113. Your Top 100 list was basically bullshit, you did not have ONE IRON MAIDEN song!! Iron Maiden is and always will be one of the greatest front runners of heavy metal! Also Megadeth! You forgot them too! Also Judas Priest! WTF happened to them! You really need to think your lsit over again! Yeah sure you managed to throw in as many Metallica songs you could cuz it appears you're super biased towards them even tho they havent even put out a half decent album in years! So you best go re-think this and put a lot of Maiden in here, a lot of Priest, and a lot of Megadeth.

  114. You have fucking Disturbed down with the sickness on here.....ARE YOU FUCKING SHITIN' me!?! That shit is down right terrible! Thta Nu-metal bull should not be on here!

  115. Bullets by creed is a good one

  116. good should check out "I am hated" from slipnot, "refuse-resist" from sepultura,

  117. 1. Master of Puppets-Metallica
    -Master of Puppets is simply a masterpiece, is an 8:38 minute song and you are never anywhere close to bored during it.

    2. Fade to Black-Metallica
    -Fade to Black has the best singing in metal history on it, topped with an insane solo

    3. Cemetery Gates-Pantera
    -If the ending was better, this could be #1, but the chorus is simply beautiful, its the only song in history that you can headband AND cry at the same time.

    4. Needled 24/7-Children of Bodom
    -Needled 24/7 is the greatest death medal song ever and it's simply amazing, but very few have ever heard of it, let alone heard the actual song.

    5. Disposable Heros-Metallica
    -This is the most underated song in metal history.

    6. Everytime I Die-Children of Bodom
    -Another unknown song that is breathtaking

    7. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath-Black Sabbath
    -great ending, great riff great lyrics, great song

    8. Rainbow in the Dark-Dio
    -great vocals and even beter guitar solo, and great use of a keyboard

    9. Hallowed Be Thy Name-Iron Maiden
    -Greatest song by one of metal's greatest bands

    10. Wait and Bleed-Slipknot
    -it's hard to believe this is all one singer, and being barely over two minutes, it's a song you can listen to over and over

  118. 1. Lack Of Comprehension By Death
    2. Cold by At The Gates
    3. Bleed By Meshuggah
    4. Withering Away by Kalmah
    5. Death Certificate by Carcass
    6. Fucked With a Knife by Cannibal Corpse
    7. Arise by Sepultura
    8. Cold Hate, Warm Blood by Cryptopsy
    9. Beyond The Dark Sun by Wintersun
    10. The Mute Requiem by Quo Vadis

  119. My list goes like this

    Holy wars...punishment due by Megadeth

    Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth

    Fuel by Metallica

    Trooper by Iron Maiden

    Are you dead yet? by Bodom

    Asche zu asche by Rammstein

    Eye of the insane by Slayer

    in your face by Bodom

    Number of the beast by Iron Maiden

    Judas Kiss by Metallica

    it is not possible for me to arrange them in top 10 as all are so so good...

  120. Since your last list was missing Iron Maiden my few suggestions would be just Maiden songs
    1. Hallowed be thy name
    2. Aces High
    3. Fear of the dark
    4. Phantom of the opera
    5. Run to the hills
    6. Dance of death
    7. Dream of mirrors
    8. Flash of the blade
    9. Seventh son of the seventh son

  121. When is the new list going up? can you email me an alert or the link - it will be pretty interesting to see the new one...
    And if you arent done try throwing "Spiders" in there by System of a Down.

    Good luck, looking forward to it.

  122. good list but you forgot
    - For whome the bell tolls Metallica
    -Creeping death

  123. 1. Hallowed Be Thy Name by Iron Maiden
    An absolutely epic song, many songs i hear today have inspiration from this song.
    2. For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica
    Shows off the best of metallica and in particular Cliff Burton the awsome bassist.
    3. Cemetary Gates by Pantera
    An epic song ranging from heavy to soft and ending with an awsome battle between vocals and guitar. Dimebag wins :D
    4. Breaking the Law by Judas Priest
    A powerful, rocking song. sweet and short.
    5. Watching Over Me by Iced Earth
    epic and uplifting, with a sombre verse. amazing songwriting and lyrics.
    6. Come To Life by Alter Bridge
    COULD be through of as hard rock, but an amazing powerful and uplifting song.
    7. She-Wolf by Megadeth
    Shows what thrash metal is all about in my opinion. great song to rock out to.
    9. Warriors of Time by Black Tide
    Reletively unknown band, but this song is absolutely incredible and the singer is only 15.
    10. Down with the Sickness by Disturbed
    An awsomely heavy song that is a great crowd pumper in disturbeds live shows.

  124. painkiller by judas priest
    hallowed be thy name by iron maiden
    laid to rest or walk with me in hell by lamb of god
    a gunshot in the head of trephidation by trivium
    living dead beat by children of bodom

    just some songs that should have been added as well as countless other metallica and maiden songs

  125. death- spiritual healing,the philosopher
    lamb of god- laid to rest
    morbid angel- fall from grace, god of emptiness

  126. my favorite song from marilyn manson is the beatiful people and i also really agree with the anonymous person before me about his top ten best songs not completely but mostly

  127. Well, half the songs on your list are hardly, if even, metal. Calling Korn, Slipknot, Tool, Danzig, etc. "metal" is a really big stretch. Korn, Slipknot, and Tool are classic examples of mallcore and not a single metal archiving site lists them. You somehow compiled this list and managed to leave out Opeth, which I would find ridiculously hard to do.
    Here's my list (90's and 00's only):

    10: "Freezing Moon" by Mayhem
    9: "Elite" by Deftones
    8: "The Drapery Falls" by Opeth
    7: "Cry of the Blackbirds" by Amon Amarth
    6: "Ghost of Perdition" by Opeth
    5: "Our Truth" by Lacuna Coil
    4: "Towards Babylon" by Behemoth
    3: "Ghost Key" by ISIS
    2: "Change (In the house of flies)" by Deftones
    1: "Deliverance" by Opeth

    Yeah, I know that Opeth appears 3 times on that list, but they definitely deserve it. I think my ten represented a good range of all types of metal, death, gothic, black, alternative, experimental and progressive, and none of the crap that's overplayed on the radio and passed as "metal", i.e. Slipknot.
    I recognize Tool's talent, and I think that you may be able to loosely classify them as "experimental metal" but the ultimate truth is that they really, are not metal. So there, that's my list.

  128. 1. Lack of Comprehension - Death
    2. Land of the Dead - Summoning
    3. Beautiful Death - Wintersun
    4. Key to the Gate - Burzum
    5. Empire Falls - Primordial
    6. Ghost of Perdition - Opeth
    7. Collapsed - Dolorian
    8. Kivenkantaja - Moonsorrow
    9. Token of Time - Ensiferum
    10. I'm Alive - Blind Guardian

  129. 1.Black Sabbath - Iron Man
    2.Metallica - Master of Puppets
    3.Iron Maiden - Number Of The Beast
    4.Judas Preist - Painkiller
    5.Slayer - War Ensemble
    6.Slipknot - Pulse of The Maggots
    7.As I Lay Dying - Nothing Left
    8.Sepultura - Refuse/Resist
    9.Trivium - Down From The Sky
    10.Machine Head - Halo

  130. 1. Rome 64 C.E-The Apostacy, Behemoth
    not really a metal song as it's an opener, but has some damn good militaristic drumming
    2. Stormblast-Stormblast, Dimmu Borgir
    before the so called 'commericalization' of the band when it was a little rawer and more sublime
    3. Night's Blood-Storm of the Light's Bane, Dissection
    This is exactly what death/black metal should be: dark, sinister, and hauntingly beautiful
    4. Slain Upon His Altar-Infernal Depths of Hatred, Anata
    a criminally underrated song by a criminally underrated band from Sweden
    5. A Good Day to Die-Blood Fire Death, Bathory
    Epic in both length and scope of what it has created in the Norwegian metal scene today
    6. Now, Diabolical-Now Diabolical, Satyricon
    a song the ushers in the newest wave of dark rock/black metal in a catchy and angry way
    7. Unas, Slayer of the Gods-In Their Darkened Shrines, Nile
    another criminally underrated band from the US that can blend Egyptian melodies and sensations with the typical metal angst seemlessly
    8. Planet Hell-Once, Nightwish
    at on point one of the biggest metal bands around, somewhat off the radar now, this song sums up the progression of the band
    9. Coerced Coexistence-Colony Reloaded, In Flames
    a real headbanger, isn't that what metal is supposed to be?
    10. Might and Glory-Oath Bound, Summoning
    Epic in sound, length and feeling, a two man group that captures the essentials of fantasy novels and tales in a metal shell

  131. New Millenium Cyanide Christ - Meshuggah
    The Dark Eternal Night - Dream Theater
    Hells Bells - ACDC
    Painkiller - Judas Priest
    Rime of the Ancient Mariner - Iron Maiden
    Chain Heart Machine - Soilwork
    Medusa- Anthrax
    Pressure - Skindred
    The Only Factor - Crow Bar
    Holy Diver - Dio

    ... are a few of the better offerings...
    It's difficult to come up with the "top 100 metal songs" - In my mind, metal isn't so much a genre in itself as an umbrella term that encompasses a whole heap of different genres (which to be honest, I don't really think so called Nu-metal should be included in.. that really comes under "whiny pseudo pop pish")..

  132. cut throught,roots bloody roots, refuse/resist,atittude are all great sepultura songs maybe rattam ahatta

  133. Must admit I haven't been a fan of metal till recently, it's just hard to find good new music of a genre when you don't already know bands that fit your taste. I just wanted you to know that I appreciated the fact that you took the time to try to introduce at least an overview to nubes like myself.

  134. I agree with the content for the most part. Not the order though...but good job, nonetheless!! \m/

  135. Ok after further review, I have to say that so many bands were left out of this list!! Opeth, Maiden and sooo many others! But still, I know its next to impossible to make a list that everyone can agree on! So continue to rock on! \m/ \m/

  136. Oh heh, and just for the record, I personally, play about 85 out of these 100 songs on my radio show! Check the DJ Schedule on the home page. Come listen and request! \m/