Thursday, July 06, 2006

29,000,000. Million Dollars

Well, I almost fell for that Aruna Soso scheme, but I knew better than that. This one, however, sent to me by Dr.Sabelo Khumalo, seems legit.
Mr. ALEJANDRO RODRIGUEZ, from SPAIN executed a contract through Federal
Ministry of Aviation here in South Africa, the contract worth of USD
000,000. Million Dollars, but on the process of him claming the money,
died with his family in Bomb Blast in MADRID SPAN disaster that
occurred in
SPAIN, we involve you to authenticate this clam.
Meanwhile, his money has been signed to pay in my office before I will
order to the bank for final endorsement of his money.
Why do I know this is totally legit, and completely not a scam? There are two reasons.

#1. "we involve you to authenticate this claim"

I looked it up, and apparently there is such a city as MADRID SPAIN. And there really was a Bomb Blast there. So, since it references a real event, it must be completely legit and totally not a scam.

#2: 29,000,000. Million Dollars

Wow. That's like, 29 million million dollars. It looks like this: $29,000,000,000,000, which means 29 trillion dollars. This number completely dwarfs the estimated national debt of something like 8 trillion dollars. This number is so impossibly huge that no one could possibly even conceive of that number from their imagination. My imagination stops at $12,482,033,721,002.94--after that I can't imagine a higher number. So it must be true. I should totally do this, and then I could pay off the debt of the United States and have enough left over to buy, I don't know, two or three of the states themselves. And then I can rename them with really cool names, like instead of Montana it would be Valhalla, Nebraska will be Asgard, and West Virginia will become Left Virginia. Maybe I'll even have enough left over to buy North and South Dakota, and reverse their names. Hell, I have lots of good ideas in this vein.

Any additions to this map are more than welcome.

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  1. Rename Texas "Mexico," and put some of that dark gray shading on it.

    Seriously, who needs Texas? It sucks.