Thursday, August 03, 2006

New Renter

Be sure to check out my new renter, Perspectives of a Nomad. Much of the time it's very interesting. He often talks about world events in a different voice from what you normally hear.

EDIT (Friday): He has an excellent point/counterpoint discussion on the Israel-Lebanon conflict. Check it out!

Also, I've added a few new quotes under the title bar, so be sure to read it every time you load a page (there are 42 in total now).


  1. Hey, Kelly!

    I noticed the Stockholm pics in the little collage to the right!

    I know that church as I helped pour every inch of concrete at the cemetery and sidewalks around building.

    I walked around that church several times thinking about how to shoot it and kept grumbling about how those stinking elm trees crowded the building and, if I remember, too many power lines everywhere and they could've at least trimmed the trees some.

    Nevertheless, you did a superb job capturing the beauty of that precious little Scandinavian church.

    There is a uniquely arranged cluster of quansets and small grain bins not too far from here that are crying to be photographed. Maybe someday you could get down here to do it; I never seem to get/take the time.

  2. I remember noticing that building group, but it was hot out that day and we were on our way back to Lincoln. We didn't have any water for the dogs, so I was afraid they'd get overheated. They did have fun running around the cemetery and chasing rabbits, though, and as far as I know they didn't pee on any graves.

  3. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. Thanks for complimenting my pictures of the church! The only problem I had was getting the color balance right. In the one picture where I was far away, the church ended up all washed-out. And in the other pictures it ended up really, really blue. I always thought that was more a problem with color film, not digital shots. I adjusted them in Photoshop, but they still weren't quite right.