Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ultrasound Pics from October 17

This was about the middle of the first trimester. We're in the third now, and soon we should have more pics to share.


We could see the little heart beating. My first thought was about abortion--i.e., how could anyone ever kill one of these beatiful little people? Before, I had always thought the point was arguable. Once I saw this, it became immediately clear that anyone in favor of abortion rights is absolutely, completely, wrong.

It appears that an ultrasound was first used to see a human fetus in 1958, so the only way I can imagine that a certain Supreme Court would decide such a thing in 1973 is that their wives never had an ultrasound done, either because their children were born earlier than that or ultrasounds had not yet become standard procedure by that time.


  1. The ultrasound pictures are sweet, Kelly. You have so much to look forward to as a daddy. You will be a good one too.

    I know what you mean about abortion. It is hard to imagine, but some people think of your developing child as just tissue or a clump of cells. Sure....tissue with a heartbeat....tissue that sucks its thumb.

    This fall for a while I was involved in a blog that focused on the abortion issue. I had to quit visiting the blog, because it became too stressful for me. Some of the participants who were prochoice had ideas about the nature of human life and rights that were completely foreign to me. One woman thinks that fully grown apes are more human than a human toddler and, therefore, should be afforded more respect than a toddler.

    Before they make the decision to abort, I do not think women receive enough information about their unborn child and what happens to the child during abortion. I am confident that it is not an informed decision for many women. I would like to see laws passed that would insure women receive this information prior to aborting.

  2. Whoops! I forgot to sign off as SusieQ on my anonymous post.

  3. I believe several states already have such laws requiring the giving of information before receiving an abortion. But here's one for you: require them to get an ultrasound first. If you can get that one by SCOTUS, I bet you'd see the abortion rate drop dramatically. I don't think you could do it if you knew what you were really doing, absent a personality disorder on your part.

  4. Damnit. As much as I want to debate abortion with you, I just don't have the time or the mental wherewithall to do it properly this morning, so I'll just point out that the abortion argument is less about killing fetuses (fetii?) than it is about government intrusion. I would probably never have an abortion, but I'd also never tell YOU what to do with YOUR fetus.. And speaking of which...

    Congratulations, daddy! Do you know what you're having yet..? Drop me a line sometime and update me, yo. =)

  5. Ultrasounds are kind of amazing, aren't they? My little girl kept kicking the nurse during the exam. What a sweetie.