Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Yashica MAT 124: Initial Results

I just got my first batch of film back today for my new toy.

As you can see, there are streaks down the middle of all of them, probably due to something on one of the spools. There was also some color shift and some fogginess, which are probably due in part to the age of the film (it's more than a couple years old, I'm told) and partly to my inexperience in handling medium format film. There were also some light leaks, but they only showed up on the early shots, so I think it was the handling of the film, and not the camera itself. Finally, there was some double exposure, which is probably due to the parts of the camera needing some oil. So, in short, I think I've got a pretty darn good camera here, as soon as I get some fresh film and the camera cleaned up--and as soon as I learn how to handle the film when it's not in the camera.

Oh, there was one picture that I think might be worth saving in Photoshop, so I'm already excited:

It won't be a sharp image, I'll have to go with a concept on it, but it'll work nicely.

Incidentally, I've also learned my lesson about using year-old black and white film. A few pictures can turn out OK . . . most don't.


  1. I must say though, with the way the photos turned out, they have a nice eerie quality that goes with the subject matter nicely.

  2. Hey Dan! How's it going?

    Yes, I agree. I thought with the old film that there would be problems--that's why I went to a cemetery, where weird colors/fog/whatever other film problems might turn out to be a plus.

  3. Kelly,

    You take these pictures out at Wyuka?

    By the way, I used some of your pics today and finally remembered to give you credit (I'm a dumbass). Thanks again mate.

  4. Yeah, they were all at Wyuka, except the first one which is the side of Gordman's.