Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dååth: Dååth (2010)


Dååth (sometimes written as "Daath") is one of the most well-known and most hyped bands of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal. Most "trve metal" folk rip on them, probably because the band is now associated with both Roadrunner and Century Media. If you hate them because they're not kvlt enough, maybe you should read True Metal vs. False Metal instead of reading this review. If you like DevilDriver, Lamb of God, Machine Head, or Fear Factory, read on.

Though they're often cited as an industrial death metal band, Dååth is not exactly Zyklon or The Berzerker. More accurately, they're an industrial groove metal band with some melodic death influence. In other words, they're a cross between DevilDriver and Fear Factory. As with the band's previous material, you'll find blastbeats mixed with industrial sounds, heavy mid-tempo riffs, fast riffs, and black metallish distorted vocals.

This self-titled album is their fourth full-length. Sadly, it doesn't really offer a whole lot of evolution for the band. Highlights like "Indestructible Overdose" and the extremely catchy "Accelerant" are perfect examples of the great songwriting this band is capable of. But there seems to be more filler on this album ("Exit Plan", "Manufactured Insomnia", "A Cold Devotion"). That's probably due to the band's core members overextending themselves. The excellent The Hinderers came out three years after the band's debut, and the very good The Concealers had another couple years to brew. In contrast, this one is coming out a year after The Concealers, and just months after the debut from Levi and Werstler's side project.

The Verdict: There are a few excellent tracks to be found here, but the majority of the album is forgettable. That seems to be the new pattern for Century Media. I give Dååth 3 out of 5 stars.

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