Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Omega Massif: Geisterstadt (2007)


Let's keep things heavy for a third day in a row here. Omega Massif is a German sludge/post-metal band. But don't let that turn you away--there are at least two very good reasons you'll want to keep reading this review.

Yes, there are a lot of NeurIsis clones out there. But though these guys sound like Isis, they clearly let the "sludge" take precedence over the "post". It's heavy and (despite being instrumental) engaging music. They show a willingness to break the rules with atonal chords and such, with the intelligence to do it well.

Opener "In Der Mine" and closer "Exodus" are probably the most immediate, viscerally satisfying cuts, while "Nebelwand" and "Unter Null" showcase the slow, organic growth of the band's post-metal side, stimulating the brain part of your head.

So, I gave you one good reason to check it out: It's good stuff. What's the other one? The album is band-sanctioned free at this site.

The Verdict: Well-written and heavy, with the right mix of instant gratification and slow-build, this is one of the best post-metal albums I've heard in a while. And the price can't get any better. I give Geisterstadt 4 out of 5 stars.

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