Sunday, December 12, 2010

Obscure Bands: Asmodi

Asmodi is an unsigned black metal band (with a pagan bent) from Germany. I can't remember exactly how I ran across them, but I suspect they were played on some podcast or other. Their web site is where you can download some free music. That includes their entire 2006 demo, Schattenwald.

Their sound is fairly typical for music of this genre, particularly from mainland Europe: Tremolo picked guitar riffs with mostly minimal melody, fast drumming, more or less inaudible bass, and a typical black metal rasp. There is also some folk influence, which is most obvious on the all-acoustic "Prolog" and "Epilog".

I say it's typical, which it is, but it's high quality. The production, first of all, does not sound like "bedroom" black metal. They are a five-piece, not a one-man band. Being a five-piece also allows them a little more latitude to include guitar melodies, making the title track and "Herbstblut" actually memorable.

They have a 2009 full-length as well, which you can buy on their web site. They've made one track ("Leben") available free on their web site, and it's a VAST improvement. Again, it's fairly typical, but much better written and produced, and definitely worth checking out.

They also have a Myspace page, but I try to avoid going to those whenever I can. In any case, the demo is good enough to be worth your time checking out, especially considering it's free. And if you like it, you might also buy their full-length.

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