Saturday, December 18, 2010

Poll Results: Are you going to get the upcoming Motörhead album, The Wörld is Yours?

Well, it looks like a bare majority of my readers plan to get the new Motörhead, with 5 planning to get it, 3 not planning to get it, and one person who apparently doesn't even know who the legendary band is.

World Is YoursTo that person, and anyone else who doesn't know, Motörhead is Lemmy Kilmister's band. They are the first band to combine metal with punk, and they're legends in their own time. Non-religious metalheads will still pray to Lemmy, if they really need something.

Out of the people who plan to get it, 3 already have at least 5 Motörhead albums. I personally have 10 (half of them). The 3 who said they don't like the band--well, I'm not sure what they're doing here. How can you be metal if you don't like them? Nobody decided not to get it simply because they already have too many albums from the band. I asked the question because I wasn't sure whether I really needed another one, but since then I've made up my mind. Yeah, I'm getting it.

My end of the year list for the best metal of 2010 is coming tomorrow. Stay tuned.


  1. Honestly, I don't own a single full-length Motorhead album. I am ashamed of that. However, I do own a fairly large greatest hits compilation, which I bought because I could not decide on one.

  2. I think Motorhead might be one of the few bands where you can get away with that. You should still get Ace of Spades, though. It's fantastic all the way through.

  3. There's no question that I'll get it. Motorhead's last few records have "had it".

    As for what Motorhead albums to have, the first four or so are essential. And 1916 is a hidden gem in the discography. Other than that, yes, greatest hits-ing it would suffice.