Friday, June 10, 2011

Atlas of Metal: Argentina

Argentina is the first country in this series to have a significant metal scene: over 1200 bands are listed on Metal Archives. Before working on this, I don't think I've ever heard any Argentine metal, and can't name a famous one. And I obviously can't listen to that many bands, so I'm just going to pick a few to highlight.

V8 was formed in 1979, and is one of the most significant bands in the country's early metal scene. It sounds like pretty standard heavy metal, but with Spanish lyrics. The vocals are probably going to keep these guys off any list of the best metal bands of the era, though.

In a much more modern, relevant vein is Those Endless Eyes, a gothic/black metal band featuring symphonic elements and clean singing in addition to their straight-forward black metal attack. Apparently they changed to melo-death and the name Through My Veins, but I've been unable to find any examples of their new sound.

Mordor is a brutal death / grindcore band. There's nothing original about this, but it's a fine example of the style, and well-produced. Every country should have at least one band like this.

Finally, Dragonauta is a progressive doom metal band that includes some Latin guitar in their music. The vocals sound a little like Tom Warrior trying to do stoner doom. It's not produced the best, but it's interesting enough that I can get past that, given that they put so much prog in their doom. I would definitely be interested to hear more from them.


  1. To be honest, I quite like that V8 song.

  2. LOL I was just randomly reading Earth's reviews at Metal Archives, one of yours had this link.
    Surprisingly, I found this. Well, as an Argentine I'll tell you, V8 is a pretty well-know band here.
    You did well picking up that video, it's one of the most representative local heavy metal bands, which influenced many others, and still has its following. Brings back good memories.

    Though in a nutshell, when it comes to metal music, Argentina leaves a lot to be desired (for a foreign fellow, of course), unlike neighbour country Brazil.
    Not missing much really, only a few exceptions (maybe?), I think "Los Natas" has a little international recognition, in case you like stoner rock.