Monday, January 02, 2012

Other Best-of-2011 Lists

No new material from me today, due to the holiday. Instead, take a look at some other notable best-of lists for 2011.

- Decibel

- That's How Kids Die

- Beards, etc.

- Monkey Defies Gravity

- Šawtooth Ŵave

- Invisible Oranges


- No Clean Singing (especially check out the Metal Bandcamp Doom Favorites

If you know of any other good ones (which obviously does not include MetalSucks) please link in the comments.


  1. Hey, thanks for the mention.

    I have a couple to add, both good lists on sites where you wouldn't expect a decent metal list. However both are from fantastic metal writers: Adrien Begrand and Brandon Stosuy.


    (sorry for the horrible URL)

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