Thursday, January 19, 2012

Society Discontinued v. Form and Structure. Storm and Fracture.


Fading Halo Records, a new DIY label out of Romania contacted me about reviewing their first two releases, which are both available free in an effort to get the word out there. Both of these releases last about 15 minutes, and both are Romanian groups with a strong emphasis on grindcore. Grind and hardcore aren't genres I listen to a lot, so I'm not fully able to give a thorough review, but I can give you my thoughts on them.

I Stared into the Forest falls mainly into the realm of hardcore, although there are some elements of grind. There's plenty of dissonance to go around on Society Discontinued, which is nice. But the occasional gang vocals (not the goofy kind, thankfully) are a little weird for me.

Download Society Discontinued

Coins as Portraits are more of a straight grind band, and as such, I like them better. Since I don't know a lot of the genre, Wormrot is my best reference point, but I'm sure someone else could point to something that's a better comparison. Form and Structure. Storm and Fracture. is very metallic, with plenty of death growls, but there are also screeches more suited to hardcore. It's also dissonant, and the songwriting is pretty well all over the place. I like it.

Download Form and Structure. Storm and Fracture.

The Verdict: I find in favor of Coins as Portraits. Others with more familiarity may differ from my opinion, but I give Form and Structure. Storm and Fracture. 4 out of 5 stars. I Stared into the Forest is a little less up my alley, so I give Society Discontinued 3 out of 5 stars.

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