Friday, November 16, 2012

Eis: Wetterkreuz (2012)

Teutonic Black Metal

Review by Metallattorney. He is the law.

My German is non-existent so the first thing I will say is that I do not understand a word these guys are saying. Ever. But luckily music is consistent across language barriers. And one thing I do understand is black metal when I hear it.

This is Eis's third full-length since a messy legal dispute forced them to change their name from Geist. They released three albums under that name prior to the change, giving them six full-length albums since 2005. Eis is apparently quite prolific. The band is currently made up of only two members. Alboin handles the vocals and all of the instruments except the drums. Marlek covers the drums.

Eis is a black metal band that is clearly heavily influenced by some of the more atmospheric black metal acts. Sort of like the more epic material of Immortal crossed with early Satyricon. The music gives off a very cold feeling and is driven by tremolo riffing and pounding drums. The keyboards add some melody to parts that otherwise lack it, but it is clear that the atmosphere is the most important aspect of Eis's music. The songs are all very long. All of them exceed the seven minute mark with two breaking ten. But they really do not seem long. The songs are so engrossing that it is not even noticed how long the songs really are.

The lyrics are all done in German. The vocals are also typically harsh though they are spoken at some points. The harsh vocals combined with German lyrics lead to a very sinister overall feel from this aspect of the music. Again, I have no idea what the lyrics are about so they could be singing about puppies and it would still sound menacing. That's German for you.

This is a decent enough release. It does not do a lot to stand out from the pack of other black metal bands out there, but it is entertaining. I am not sure how much staying power it really has. I do not envision too many scenarios in which I will really want to listen to Eis, if it happens to be on, it will keep me entertained.

The Verdict: 3 out of 5 stars

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