Thursday, November 22, 2012

Give Thanks for Play Count

Last year I shared my guilty pleasures for Thanksgiving. I've decided to go ahead with a similar theme and share some information that may be embarrassing. I've had my iTunes going for something like seven years now, and it saves the play counts for each and every song. This will list the ones that are highest on that list. As a caveat, you should know that some of these have been played many more times on CD or on my first iPod, which would lose all its play information when the batteries ran out (which happened often).

First up is Dream Evil's "The Book of Heavy Metal" with 43 plays. This is a recent addition, but my eldest loves it, so it gets played a lot. After that is mostly a lot of Slipknot, a band that I still love no matter what anyone says about them.

33 plays: Slipknot: "Left Behind," "The Nameless"
30 plays: "One Winged Angel" by Nobuo Uematsu. This is the music from the final boss battle of Final Fantasy VII. As I was playing it the first time (in 1997) I got to this battle and hooked up a nicer stereo to the Playstation, just listening. It's great stuff.
29 plays: "Hurt" by Johnny Cash
28 plays: Down - "Stone the Crow," Godsmack - "Greed" (great stuff you bastard), Living Sacrifice: "Threatened"
27 plays: Deftones - "Change (in the House of Flies)"
26 plays: Mudvayne - "Nothing to Gein" (essentially the sole reason I believed in these guys for so many years), Slipknot - "People=Shit" and "Wait and Bleed"
25 plays: Danzig - "Mother," Godsmack - "I Stand Alone" (which I haven't heard in nearly two years), Mercyful Fate - "Buried Alive," Metallica - "Mercyful Fate," Slipknot - "New Abortion" and "Duality," George Thorogood - "Who Do You Love?" and Tool - "Prison Sex"
24 plays: Corrosion of Conformity - "Clean My Wounds," Korn - "ADIDAS," Led Zeppelin - "Stairway to Heaven," Slipknot - "My Plague," "Everything Ends," "The Heretic Anthem," and "Purity," Black Label Society - "Stillborn," and Rob Zombie - "Iron Head"
23 plays: Johnny Cash - "Folsom Prison Blues," Led Zeppelin - "All My Love," Slipknot - "Spit It Out" and "Circle," Stone Temple Pilots - "Interstate Love Song," and Rob Zombie - "Living Dead Girl"
22 plays: Coal Chamber - "Something Told Me," Deftones - "My Own Summer (Shove It)," Mercyful Fate - "Black Funeral," Meshuggah - "Future Breed Machine," Metallica - "Die, Die My Darling," Monster Magnet - "Space Lord," Slipknot - "The Shape" and "Skin Ticket," Soulfly - "Bleed," Wayne Static - "Not Meant for Me" (from the embarrassingly ridiculous Queen of the Damned soundtrack), and Rob Zombie - "Bring Her Down (to Crippletown)"

That's all. Mock at will, and share yours if you dare.


  1. per google play, apparently my most played song is the weakerthans' "civil twilight" followed by sigur ros' "stralafar", "the sound" by swans and then a metric buttload of liberteer stuff. apparently my work listening habits are much different than the rest of my life.

  2. I think my most played song on iTunes is "Drift Away" by Dobie Gray.

  3. March 2:47 Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky The Nutcracker, Swan-Lake, Ballet Suites Classical 281
    Neon Eyes 3:31 Saints of Valory Kids - EP Rock 140
    Black Tongue 3:27 Mastodon The Hunter Metal 100 92
    Animal Farm 2:01 Clutch Clutch Metal 100 63
    In The Hall of the Mountain King 2:34 Edvard Grieg The Greatest Classical Hits - Edvard Grieg Classical 100 56
    Home 3:29 Phillip Phillips Home - Single Pop 51
    Human Herd 3:52 Red Fang Murder The Mountains Hard Rock & Metal 100 43
    Curl Of The Burl 3:40 Mastodon The Hunter Metal 100 37
    majko 3:50 Oliver Dragojević oliver-sve najbolje Pop 37
    Spectrelight 3:10 Mastodon The Hunter Metal 100 35
    The Four Horsemen 7:13 Metallica Kill 'Em All Metal 100 32
    Worship 16:01 Bongripper Satan Worshipping Doom Metal 100 31
    Scourge of Drunkenness 5:59 The Gates Of Slumber The Wretch Metal 100 30
    I'm Alive 5:37 Anthrax Worship Music Metal 100 29
    Thundering Hooves 3:08 Acid Witch Stoned Metal 100 28
    Always About To Die 5:13 Autopsy Macabre Eternal Metal 100 28
    All I See 2:53 Dawnbringer Nucleus Metal 100 28
    I Am The Highway 5:35 Audioslave Audioslave Rock 27
    Absinthe Jim and Me 3:01 Masters Of Reality Pine / Cross Dover Metal 100 27
    Satanic Faith 2:01 Acid Witch Stoned Metal 100 26
    The Veils of Negative Existence 4:34 Manilla Road Crystal Logic Metal 100 26
    Blasteroid 2:36 Mastodon The Hunter Metal 80 26
    Octopus Has No Friends 3:49 Mastodon The Hunter Metal 80 26
    Yearn For Change 4:19 Paradise Lost Draconian Times [Bonus Tracks] Metal 100 26
    Arrows In the Dark 4:30 The Sword Warp Riders Metal 100 26