Friday, June 07, 2013

Call Your Sibling

I've been in a mood.

It's weird how a mind can work. My wife was getting Neapolitan ice cream for the kids, and my mind wandered to her dislike of dairy mixed with fruit. It then went on to her dislike of sweetened meat, and then to mincemeat pie. The last time I talked to my brother, he was talking about how he made mincemeat pie, and was thinking about bringing some to our Christmas get-together.

I wasn't too receptive to the idea. So now I wondered, was my reaction one of the many small things that put him over the edge?

He gave us a corkscrew willow tree last summer. I thought it was dead, but it's sprouted some suckers. Maybe one of them can grow into a real tree.

My oldest son wasn't getting along with his little brother the other day. I told him he should be happy to have a little brother. It's a very special thing.

Call your sibling, if you have one, and they're still living. Talk with them. Don't take a great thing in your life for granted.

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  1. Truth.

    I visited my little sister and her boyfriend a few days ago. My little brother was also there. Despite the huge age difference it was the most enjoyable family get together I've had in ages. Geekery knows no age limit :)