Friday, June 14, 2013

The Comedy Button

Oh, Boy

I already told you about Roderick on the Line. That is an incredible podcast, and I think anyone who reads this blog would enjoy it. But that is not the only podcast I listen to.

I can't give The Comedy Button the same sweeping endorsement, because I don't think it will appeal to all of you. There are occasional Motörhead references. Their regular sponsor makes earbuds, which they specifically assure you can be used for listening to Ronnie James Dio. But there is very little that's metal about it.

Instead, it reminds me of the kind of guys I would have hung out with in college. They are all about my age (born circa 1980-1985) and were all video game nerds when they were growing up. One of them is practically a living caricature of a video game nerd. But it's important to note (I think) that they almost never talk about video games. They're more likely to talk about porn or booze, or joke about 9/11. They have the right cultural references, the right sense of humor, and they're all professional writers, so they know how to tell a story.

Sometimes I have to shake my head at them, but I love these guys.

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