Monday, October 21, 2013

Nekrofilth: Devil's Breath (2013)

Crossing Over

There was a time when I’d see an ad for a band with some ridiculously over-the-top, disgusting, and violent name and I’d ignore it. If that’s their angle, how good can they be, really? Somehow, Hells Headbangers finds the time to comb through what must be thousands of these bands, and they manage to find the best of the lot. Now Nekrofilth is a worm in my skull dragging me into the deep inside disease. I’m a degenerate, and all I want to do is smear the sleaze. I crave the grave. Thank you, HH.

Nekrofilth is just one of a handful of Hells Headbangers acts to really grab my attention this year. They play some filthy-ass crossover thrash of the type that praises abuse of the world’s most dangerous drug (“Crocodile”) and giant, disgusting pimples (“Volcanic Zit”). Part of me says, “What the hell is wrong with you?” while the rest of me says, “Fuck yes!”

To get an idea of this Cleveland band’s M.O., all you need to hear is the fantastic “Junkie Cunt.” In it, they enthusiastically exclaim their love for some of the most disgusting sex acts you can imagine. They pack it into less than two minutes of catchy, reckless abandon replete with all the hooks you need.

Now, imagine that 13 times over, with a couple slightly slower songs, and you can see why this is so great. No frills, no fat, just decaying flesh and instant gratification. Call me a scum freak, but I can’t get enough of this death rush.

The Verdict: 4 out of 5 stars


  1. Sounds excellent. I am of course a big fan of most of Hell's Headbangers catalog.

  2. Holy shit. You rated it too low.