Monday, October 03, 2011

7 Children of the Grave

"Children of the Grave" is one of my favorite Black Sabbath tunes. I actually heard the White Zombie version first, on Nativity in Black, and thought it sounded like a White Zombie song. In a lot of ways, it still sounds that way to me. But it's been performed in a lot of interesting ways besides just the Zombie one. Here's are 7 different interpretations of the song.

Of course, nothing can beat the original.

This really, really sounds like a Zombie song. I can't get over it.

Death metal pioneers Master sped it up into some kind of death/thrash hybrid.

OK, now it really sounds like an Amon Amarth original. How many other bands have built their entire musical approach around this one song? What other Black Sabbath songs have single-handedly driven another famous band's sound?

Neurosis has given it an extra raw and frightening feel. Sadly, this version is on an impossible-to-find split 7".

And Racer X turned it into a pure heavy metal song again, with a raunchy 80's twist. What a versatile tune.

A fast heavy metal version from Hellfueled rounds things out.

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