Friday, October 07, 2011

King Diamond: The Graveyard (1996)

The Graveyard is not my favorite King Diamond album, but of all the products of his boundless imagination, it has my favorite story. Like anything he's done, it's perfect for Halloween.

King catches the mayor molesting his own daughter, and tries to expose him. Instead of justice, the mayor says King is crazy. King gets locked up in Black Hill Sanitarium.

He escapes, and hangs out in a graveyard for a while. He plots his revenge, and eventually finds the mayor's daughter. He tells her he's not a stranger--he's a friend.

King digs seven graves, putting the mayor's sleeping daughter in one of them and providing a shovel to the mayor, who gets three guesses. This scene is so macabre, and so perfect. I'd hate to give away the rest of the story.

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