Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Remake of The Thing

Yes, I know that the 1982 film is itself, in a sense, a remake of a 1951 film. Although really it's a re-adaptation of the source material, but whatever. But I don't think they should have remade The Thing. John Carpenter's classic--starring my favorite actor, Kurt Russell--is my favorite movie of all time. The special effects are perfect (except for one shot at the end where they used claymation), the characters are classic (if a bit flat), the mood tense, the story thrilling, and the ending absolutely perfect. All this is enhanced by the fact there's not a single woman in sight to screw things up with some side garbage about sexual tension.

But they remake it, changing much of what made the original great. Screw that. I don't think I'll see it.


  1. "But they remake it, changing much of what made the original great. Screw that. I don't think I'll see it."

    Does not compute. You haven't seen the movie. Why are you saying they've changed it? Also, it's not a remake of the original - it's a prequel about the original Norwegian team.

  2. What's different that screws it up: first of all, a woman in the cast, never mind how rare it was for women to be in Antarctica in the 80's. Secondly, Kurt Russell's and Keith David's awesome characters can't be replicated. Third, you can just about guarantee the special effects will be computer generated and will look awful.

    Now, I didn't know it was a prequel. That might change my mind. But now that I'm looking it up, why are there Americans in the Norwegian camp? And, a critic quote: "This incarnation of The Thing is much like the creature it depicts: An insidious, defective mimic of the real, er, thing. It's not an entirely lost cause, but it is a needless one".

  3. I don't know how to feel about it. I have a feeling that it will be a complete screw-up, but I am morbidly curious about it at the same time. I too loved the 1982 movie. I have seen the original 1951 film as well, but it didn't do much for me.

    The computer-generated effects are the thing that most upset me about this one. I just loved the effects in the remake.

  4. I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt despite those seeming inconsistencies you mentioned and the special effects being done with CGI. Hopefully those points will be explained. Also, if any actress can pull off the "strong woman" role, it's definitely Mary Elizabeth Winstead. I'm interested enough to check out this movie regardless of what critics say. If it sucks, then it sucks. If it rules, then great. I wouldn't place much stock on IGN movie reviews; their reviews are generally shitty. For example, one reviewer called True Steel an "emotionally authentic" movie. Pft. Please.

  5. @ FMA

    Most of your problems with the film (even in your comment) have to do with the fact that you see this as a sequel.

    The woman is supposed to be among one or two other American scientists who are asked to go look at the alien after the Norwegians find it in order to figure out what it is.

    I cant wait to see the movie and while I think the sfx were excellent in the original version I wont not see it because of the cgi.

  6. I'm pretty sure calling it a "prequel" is basically just a marketing gimmick to keep people from freaking out the way they did over Rob Zombie tackling Halloween. I have yet to see it, so I can't say this with authority, but by all reports it's got very similar characters and plot. The simple fact that they chose to give it the exact same title instead of "The Thing: First Contact" or "Origins of The Thing" or some other prequel-ish name seems to indicate that the studio was pretty much just treating this as a remake. I'm getting a little tired of remakes, and Carpenter's film was fantastic, so while I'll probably end up seeing this new one I'm not going to expect too much from it.

  7. Just got back from watching it. Patrick called it out correctly; 2011 version might as well be a remake. It's decent, but not essential. If you go into it not expecting the prequel to blow away the original, you won't be let down. It certainly doesn't piss on the legacy of the original that's for sure, unlike other slasher classic remakes like Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and the aforementioned Halloween and for that I am thankful. My complete review of the movie is here.