Friday, May 24, 2013


Yesterday marked 6 years of fatherhood for me. The significance of that in my life can't be overstated.

For some people this won't be the case, but for me, it was the end of having friends. That wasn't really my choice, but I feel it's worked out for the better. I've become more self-sufficient. I may not be as fun to be around, but I'm more capable. More awesome. What is admirable is not what is fun; someone who is only out to have fun is a child and, if not actually a child, is an object of ridicule.

If someone can literally shit into your hand and you just deal with it, you are a person who can deal with things. You are not to be taken lightly.

Ask yourself, What are you capable of? In the most extreme situation, what would you do? If you are not a parent, your most extreme response is weak.

I have responsibilities that are beyond anything a childless person can imagine. And I take them, and deal with all of it in stride. It's work like you wouldn't believe. The things I accomplish in one day would stagger the non-parents among you, and it comes day after day. But it's also rewarding beyond anything else in life.

You may scoff. Mock all you want. This is not the most metal thing to say, by traditional metal standards. But until such time as Lemmy Kilmister takes responsibility for the life and well-being of a child, he will be less awesome than any real father.

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