Friday, May 17, 2013

Live Shows This Month

Tonight, I'm going to my second show in almost a decade. But if there's any band that can get me out of the house, it's Opeth. Them, and Wovenhand, but I think they're in Europe now or something.

I've been a huge fan of them for years, and now that I've had time to digest it, Heritage hasn't changed that. In fact, I listened to it on Tuesday on a system not unlike what people used in the 70's, and it sounded even better. With production that dynamic, you really need a system you can crank up, and get great separation.

Anyway, I'm mostly a hermit, as I'm sure you've gathered. But occasionally a band does come through town that I want to see. This past week, there have been too many. Boris was here on Monday, and Volbeat Wednesday. Clutch is going to be here with The Sword next week. Months and months go by without any bands I care to see, and then all of these within 10 days. Also, apparently the not-quite-Alice in Chains a day later. Sadly, I'm only able to make the Opeth show.

The Volbeat show was interesting to read about . . . . I've been saying for the last five years that they should be huge in the U.S. I found out they were headlining a local 4,500-seat arena and took that as vindication. That is, until I saw the follow-up message that the show would be at the Bourbon Theatre instead. That's a 750 capacity place.

That sure makes Volbeat look bad, but their last-minute move forced Mushroomhead to move. Also, whose bright idea was it to schedule two shows on the same day that are going to draw mostly the same crowd? Don't you think the second band's tour manager might have picked up on that, and realized in a town this size that's a problem?


  1. Cool. I thought about going to that one, but I saw Opeth a few years ago with Enslaved and I did not care much for Opeth's last album. Plus, I saw In Flames a few months ago so it has not been long since my last show. Still, enjoy yourself. Mikael Akerfeldt is pretty entertaining live.

  2. I am going to go ahead and actually "object" to part of your post. Do not miss an opportunity to see Clutch. I have been a so-so fan of theirs since I played "Shogun Named Marcus" on my metal show in college 20 years ago. Never saw them live until two months ago. It was simply amazing. The gift of their live show is that it literally brings to life a lot of their studio material which for me is sometimes just ok. Live, it's another story. If I won the lottery, I would be a Clutch-head and follow them.

  3. Oh. And I scored tickets to see Bolt Thrower with Autopsy in a week. Sold out for months. I hope they are real tickets.

  4. I can confirm it was awesome.

    I have never actually heard Clutch, I'm ashamed to say. But I would see them live on reputation alone if it were possible. It's not.